Blush’s Top 3…Cleansers

We all know that the secret to great skin is lots of sleep and water, but a great cleanser is of equal importance. This week, G tells us which cleansers are currently floating her boat.

 Lancôme – Mousse Eclat Cleanser

Lancome Mousse Eclait

If your skin feels dry and stripped after cleansing, and youd don;t have time for masks and muslin cloths, this is the cleanser for you. This truly luxurious light-as-air foam, gently and quickly removes make-up, oil and all impurities, without compromising the condition of your complexion; leaving your skin soft, radiant and healthy looking. Formulated with active ingredients, such as hydrating papaya extract and soothing and calming pineapple, this is my no 1 for express cleansing.

Lancôme, Mousse Eclat Cleanser, £20.70, John Lewis.

Bliss – Triple Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam


There’s nothing like a good lather to make you feel really clean and this cleanser does just that. Lightweight and refreshing, it forms part of a new range of cleansers that doesn’t just clean skin, but nourishes it too. Packed with complexion brightening super vitamin C, skin  looks instantly healthier. The results of this face wash were amazing and I loved the extra 5 minutes in bed.

Bliss, Triple Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam, £24, FeelUnique.

Neutrogena – Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash 


Promising to keep your skin fresh and so clean clean, this zesty facial cleansing gel is my superdrug favorite. With powerful Microclear technology to help the spot-busting salicylic acid break through the oil that blocks your pores, Neutrogena’s grapefruit formula does a very thorough job of taking the day off and re-energizing your skin. Be aware this cleanser is not good for skin that is sensitive in any way.

Neutrogena, Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash, £4.94, Boots

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