Blush’s Festival Beauty Kit

This summer Blush is going on the road.

We’ll be popping up at Isle of Wight Festival from Thursday and at V Festival in August.

Festivals are the time to let loose, dress up, scream to the Arctic Monkeys and get very drunk. As shaky hands are never ideal for creating that sixties flower or glitter eye, Blush make-up artists Claire Nutt and Melodie Briere, will be creating dip dyed hair looks, plaits, face and body art.

These are just a few of the looks we’ll be creating…

Blush Bus Inspiration Boards_Page_1

Because we know how frustrating it can be to suddenly remember you’ve forgotten to pack the wet wipes or mascara you’ve just bought, Blush will be parked up in a VW Camper selling everything you’ll need.

Here’s what we’ve packed, so you don’t have to:

Paul Mitchell Haircare


We’ll be using Paul Mitchell to create all of our hairstyles, be it a blow out or braid.

Nail Art with Elegant Touch 

Blush Bus House of Holland Elegant Touch

The easiest fake nais you’ll find. Designs include House of Holland, neons and pastels.

Classic Nails with Crabtree & Evelyn

Blush Bus Crabtree Nail

If fakies aren’t your thing…

The Ultimate Straighteners – Cloud 9

Blush Bus Cloud 9

GHD is officially over, it’s all about Cloud Nine.

Citron Hand Sanitiser from Crabtree


The luxe hand sanitiser, Crabtree’s Citron antibacterial gel smells and feels divine.

Q Body Spray & Deodorant

Blush Bus Q Body Spray

We all know that festivals can be a stinky affair, so we’ll have Q’s 3 Body Spray Deodorants, on hand.

Wet Wipes from Witch

A festival essential.

Collection’s Volumising Mascara


As well as all that, we’ll have lip balms, lipsticks, and coloured eyeliner, just in case you accidentally drop yours down the portaloo, or just fancy a change.

If you’re going to be at V or Isle of Wight come and say hi, if not we’ll see you at more festivals next year.

In the meantime, keep up to date: on and Twitter – @blushblogldn using the hashtag #blushbus.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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