Santigold for Smashbox

Santigold Smashbox

Santigold, the superstar of the underground and Philadelphia’s answer to M.I.A, is a cult icon thanks to her unique style, consistently great music and her down-to-earth personality; She also happens to be a dab hand at collage. A skill she used to create the album-cover worthy compacts in her collection for Smashox. 

Smashbox, the cosmetics brand started by the great grandsons of Max Factor, began as an L.A photography studio. Known for their love of colour and their skin-perfecting primers, the coming together of the artistically bold Santigold and the technically precise Smashbox, is a match made in heaven.

Santigold Smashbox

The collection itself features: two sets of nail wraps, one gold and one coral lip gloss, two eye palettes, two double ended eye pencils and a lipstick ring.

The well-edited collection is vibrant and perfect for summer, with something to suit everyone. The lipstick ring is awesome, but for me the Apocalypse Now eyeshadow palette is the real star of the collection. The yellow based gold is perfect for adding a subtle but striking streak of colour, whilst the blue is great for an intense evening look.

For inspiration on how to work the palette visit:

 Santigold looks

In the meantime listen to some Santigold and get creative.

Santigold for Smashbox, from £10 at

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