The heat wave is here, SPF your hair


We all know that SPF is the key to longer looking and less wrinkly skin and though CC creams and summer lotions are loaded with the sun protector it’s a bit trickier to get it into your hair. Hair gurus Paul Mitchell and creators of the best hair drier I’ve ever used have got protecting your locks from sun damage covered. The new summer range comes loaded with SPF so you won’t have to worry about your hair being damaged by the sea, sun or all of the hair chalk you’ve packed in it for festival season.



The range includes a shampoo, conditioning spray and mask, and though all promise results it’s the mask (£12.50) that has won me over. After applying the sulphate-free formula at the start of my shower and washing it off at the end, my hair was left silky smooth. It’s so good I’ll be using it all year round.

Jamila x

Paul Mitchell Sun, available at


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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