All hail the robe

 Ashish Topshop towel hoodie

It all started back in September when Jeremy Scott showed his first collection for Moschino. The Spongebob and McDonalds themed pieces were the talk of the town and went on to cover many an IPhone, but it was the towels that caught our attention; a strange sight to see on a catwalk for a Parisian brand, non?

Then came the Ashish for Topshop collaboration, with the LED trainers and light up rucksacks. It was an ode to hotel living, that obviously wouldn’t be fit without a robe or two. So Ashish fashioned robes into towelling hoodies and wrap skirts, perfect for post pool, pre party wear.

Once Moschino showed towels on the runway again, this time under the premise of Rasta street wear (yep), that it was a trend was a given, but definitely more of a kooky style to adopt when on holiday far far away.  That was until Viktor & Rolf ripped up red carpets and made them into dresses. Now I know that carpets aren’t officially towels, but if it looks like a towel and is worn like a towel…

Topshop Ashish Towel skirt:dress

Moschino aw14 womenswearMoschino menswear ss15

Viktor Rolf HC aw 14 Viktor rolf couture aw14

Jamila x


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