Going solo

Paris Fashion Week - Louis Vuitton - Catwalk

It’s fair to say I am obsessed with Nicolas Ghesquière‘s work for Louis Vuitton.The former Creative Director at Balenciaga took on the very taxing task of replacing Marc Jacobs for the French powerhouse and has done a remarkable job. In the words of Ghesquière himself, the collection was designed for the women he knew and what he knew they’d want to wear, and boy does he know what women want to wear. The slimline silhouettes and plunging necklines were a refreshing take on Autumn/Winter wear, but it was the single statement earrings that really caught Blush‘s attention. Perfect for those who often lose an earring (me) and for those looking to make a subtle statement, a single earring will be the perfect pairing for a puritanical polo neck next season and rather fabulous for a festival now.

Louis V aw14 Louis Vuitton earring
Louis V earring

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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