Azealia Vs. Azalea

It’s fair to say that Iggy Azalea is the current Queen of the charts, the blonde beauty who’s firmly been launched into the mainstream conscience has everyone singing “first things first I’m the realest” but Azealia Banks doesn’t seem convinced. The first female rapper to make a mark since Lil’ Kim, stormed into the charts with a catchy anthem and had been missing for a while, but Banks is back and in July she told I-D that Iggy Azalea  was “some Australian girl who raps like a black girl. It’s kind of silly. Whatever, people are feeling it. She’s good-looking. I get it.”  As well as implying she stole her name Banks seems to think fame’s gone to Iggy’s head.

We love Banks and are starting to fall for Iggy. They’ve got an Azealia Azalea thing going on, so there was only one thing to do, an old fashioned face off.

In the first in the Vs. series, we pit the two biggest female rappers against each other to see who’s really the realest. They’ve been beefing since 2011, someone had to solve it.

Azealia Banks

Iggy Azalea BillboardReal name:
Iggy – Amethyst Amelia Kelly
Banks- Azealia Amanda Banks

Iggy– 90
Banks- 91

Hails from:
Iggy– Australia
Banks– New York

The Look:
Iggy– Bleach blonde hair, poker straight, full lips normally in a pale pink or punchy red.

Long black locks, usually centre parted and wavy. Plays with colour: red, blue and purple highlights. Lips either glossy or dark red.

Iggy 10 magazine

Azealia Banks Dazed


Iggy- Iggy is most recent with a cover for fashion tome 10 magazine in which she dons the ever fashionable slick back and a deep berry lipstick worthy of Givenchy.
Other covers include: Hunger, Billboard, 1883, Blank, Paper, Acclaim, Cosmopolitan, Relapse, Complex, Clash, Flavor, Pop
Total covers: 13

Banks- though Banks hasn’t banked (excuse the pun) a cover in a while (what with her record label legal battles and all) her cover for Dazed & Confused was not only epic and bloody cool but was banned in seven countries, pretty good going for a bad ass rapper.
Other covers include: Paper, Spin, Style (Sunday Times), Vibe, Rollacoaster, ASOS, Jalouse.
Total covers: 8

Social Media

Iggythenewclassic– 4.1m
Banks azealiabanks– 336k

Iggy-3.9m likes

Iggy- 2,119,539 followers
Banks- 385,645 followers

Fair to say Iggy is the Jay Z to Banks’ Biggy

Iggy-Black-Widow-Cover Azealia-Banks-Heavy-Metal-and-Reflective

Latest Track:
Iggy ft. Rita Ora – Black widow
With her latest album The New Classic, Iggy has begun to mark herself out as an artist with her own perspective. The comic inspired artwork is all very sin city and the perfect compliment to her Disney features. Black Widow is set to be another club hit, in spite of the slightly cringey Kill Bill video.

Banks- Heavy metal and reflective
The song is raw, the bass is heavy and Banks is back. The video is Spice Girls Say You’ll be There meets Wutang’s Gravel Pit. The Japanese characters on the artwork (on the single’s sleeve) allude to the fact Banks is happy to stay a cult star. Not one for Magic FM but it will definitely speak to the Dazed crowd.

Biggest video:
Iggy- Fancy or Work
It’s pretty tricky to decide whether work or fancy marked Iggy out as a global star. Work was definitely her break out track, but it was the Clueless inspired video for Fancy that really pushed her into the mainstream conscience and was the perfect vid for the 90s obsessed moment.

212 was an instant cult classic. The black and white video featuring Banks happily singing along to filthy lyrics in a Mickey Mouse sweater instantly marked her out as the new female rapper to watch and the voice of a generation. Her unabashed rant on sex had everyone singing along in a way no one had since ‘my neck’. The video and song were an instant hit and before Kim K she was one of the four lucky few that Kanye was following.

The sound:
Iggy- rapper firmly in the mainstream. Pop rap tunes you can sing along to. Loves a collab.
Banks- Upbeat rap with a catchy chorus. Raw and more traditional in terms of female rap. Loved for being alternative.

The first female rapper to overtake Lil Kim’s reign as the female rapper with the longest-leading number one single on the Billboard Hot 100. With Fancy Iggy went on to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, with Azalea becoming only the fourth solo female rapper ever to top the Hot 100.

Still yet to release a full album, Banks has spent the past 2 years relying on mixtapes to keep fans buzzing. Her new album Broke with expensive taste is set to drop any day now. Maybe.

Iggy gif

Azealia gif

In conclusion, I haven’t really made one.

Iggy is the superstar, Banks the queen of the underground. Iggy The Beatles, Banks The Rolling Stones. In terms of style and reach, Iggy wins, but when it comes to who’s the realest? I guess Banks pips Iggy on name alone.

Much like Beyonce in a sea of Ameries and Christina Milians, only time will tell who’s Queen B.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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