Must-Have Mascara


Mascara, like a great holiday, is an eye opener, and with autumn upon us there seems no better time to get out of the no make up beachy phase and fully embrace a full face.

Even if you’re not a fan of a full on look, mascara is the one thing most of us swear by. It can lift, add volume or curl your lashes in a way nothing else can on a bleary-eyed dawn.

As you brace yourself for the boot, coat and sweater shopping, Blush felt it was only fair to take one thing off the agenda and hunt out the best and most beautiful mascaras around. Considering that false, clumped and spidery lashes were highest on the agenda for autumn winter, it’s time to forget carnival, glastonbury and burning man, and get on it.


The Top 5:

1. Chanel


There’s something about having a Chanel mascara that somehow elevates my existence.Perhaps it’s the long black understated tube, topped off by their signature interlocking C’s, or maybe it’s just great marketing. Whatever it is, it never fails to perk me up. Every time I slather my lashes in them I sense Coco Chanel’s approval. Thankfully for Chanel the formula is pretty amazing as well. Great for a subtle evening look or every day, lashes are given an instant boost of volume and curl, two things you can never have enough of.

Chanel, Le Volume De Chanel Waterproof Mascara, £25, Boots.

2. Eyeko


Eyeko‘s Skinny Mascara not only comes in a very handy and futuristic foil tube, it is the best lengthening mascara on this list. It also curls and lifts lashes making their, also very good, eyelash curler almost obsolete. I would use it every day if it didn’t make my lashes stick together.

Eyeko, Skinny Brush Mascara, £18, Space NK.

3. RMK


RMK‘s mascara in red is the first product I tried from the cult Japanese brand. The formula is nourishing and left my lashes feeling fairly light. The only shocker was that every time I looked in the mirror I had red lashes, but I kind of liked it.

RMK, Matte Mascara in 04, £23, LookFantastic.

4. Topshop


Topshop‘s Doe Eyes had me at the name, because that’s what we all want to achieve. Although it may be slightly misleadingly named, as it doesn’t actually give you big Bambi eyes, it’s fast become one of my favourite mascaras. It’s my go to mascara for a defined look for every day and never gives me clumped lashes that look too done.

Topshop, Doe Eyed Lashes, £10, John Lewis.

5.  Smashbox 


Smashbox‘s Full Exposure waterproof mascara is essentially a waterproof update of their best seller. It has quite possibly the longest wand I’ve ever used, which- alongside the thin tip- makes it very easy to be precise and grab every lash. It’s fantastic for full on volume and a fanned effect, making it pretty perfect for the season ahead.

Smashbox, Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara, £19, Boots.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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