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If you’ve been watching the SS15 Fashion Week shows you’ll have no doubt noticed a wind of change. Chanel had their models marching with femi placards for their final walk and at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Katie and Luella sent out T-shirts calling for a New World System.

Marc by Marc ss15

Just the other week, Cara Delevingne called on her Twitter fans to take to the streets for the global climate march. Even Leo Di Caprio got involved, speaking to the UN assembly imploring them to make history or be vilified by it.
It was in the same week that Emma Watson unveiled her new #heforshe campaign and pointed out, what as women we all know, that feminism has (quite oddly) become a dirty word.

It seems that politics is most definitely in fashion and rightfully so. Perhaps it is witnessing the cyclical thirst for war around the world. Constantly hearing of people suffering at the hands of rebels, oppressive governments and Ebola. I guess there comes a point when we as a world stand up.

Politics in fashion isn’t new, Katharine Hamnetts meeting with Margaret Thatcher at Downing Street in ’87 wearing a controversial slogan T-Shirt, was the t-shirt that launched her tireless campaign of trying to get people to wake up to the issues that are important to us. These days, peace and understanding the power of our vote, are highest on her agenda. Vivienne Westwood, her campaign partner in crime, is also ferociously passionate, primarily re Climate Change. And she makes no apologies for using every public appearance or runway show to promote her Climate Revolution.

With the UK elections looming and not a candidate in sight that anyone wants to vote for, it’s fair to say that a real revolution is brewing.

Whether you’re fighting for feminism, Palestine or like FKA twigs, the right to date whomever you please. It’s time to stand up for what you believe in, even if it is just through a Tshirt. Because we all know, if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. So stand up people and revive the revolution.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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