Sunday Selection – The Diptyque Candle

Diptyque Candle JR

When it comes to treats, there are few things better than a Diptyque candle. Somehow the French perfumer has made us all obsessed with scented candles.

Without us even realising, candles have gone from staple of the strange older lady to the must-have for any good looking home. Whether you have a soho loft or a studio in Stamford Brook, a Diptyque candle is still the best way to elevate your environment.

Diptyque candle vanille

The glass jar proudly bearing the Diptyque crest on its chest is statement enough, that they smell divine and last for ages, is a welcome bonus.

Whether your scent of choice is a classic rose, patchouli or amber, or a more exotic opoponax, or myrrh; Delving into all that is on offer at Diptyque is a lesson in itself on all of the scents you haven’t fallen in love with yet.

Mine came wrapped in black tissue paper held by the classic black and white Diptyque stamp. Inside it was my favourite scent, Vanille. Unfussy, reassuring, and classic. A bit like Diptyque.

Diptyque Candle, £40 for 190g, available online at John Lewis.

For a wider range, visit :

Jamila x

photos: JR


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