Sunday Selection – The Library of Fragrance

Library of fragrance

I think that the first perfume you ever buy (or hint that you need for Christmas) definitely goes some way into defining your scent. My first was Stella McCartney‘s Stella. It just so happened to also be her first (I’m definitely showing my age now), a heady combination of English rose and amber that was at its best at an evening soirée. It followed me everywhere and instantly became a signature scent.

Once I had decided I had grown out of Stella, it was on to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, an elegant day-friendly scent that was light but equally commanding. Since abandoning Coco, I went from 212 Sexy, which strangely does make you feel sexy, to all of the fragrances I have reviewed, but it was only since I tried Tom Ford‘s Mandarino Di Amalfi, that I finally abandoned my dedication to all things rose and amber.

Last week I was introduced to the Library of Fragrance, a new brand allowing one to play perfumer. Each perfume is a single scent to be layered with one another, enabling you to create a scent unique to you. I opted for Orange Blossom, Sunshine and Jasmine, not to be worn together obviously, but because I was intrigued how each would smell solo and whether they could be worn with any old favourites to give them a touch of individuality.
The Orange Blossom is perfect for summer, the Jasmine for intimate evenings, and as they are pretty potent I will definitely be layering them. However, it was Sunshine that really took me by surprise. Seemingly impossible to bottle, the sunshine scent is incredibly uplifting. It doesn’t necessarily smell of summer, it just smells good. As you can tell it’s hard to eloquently encapsulate, but it is glorious. And if I’m honest, of the three I’d probably just buy this one to wear on it’s own.
The edited collection of 80 scents including: Gin & Tonic, Snow, Rain and Fresh Laundry, are available now at Boots (£15), so it should be pretty easy to find your sunshine.
Jamila x


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