Blush’s Top 3: Blush Coloured Books

Our newest contributor Jessica-Anna, reveals her top 3 blush-coloured books for girls.

Sali Hughes Pretty Honest

Sali Hughes – Pretty Honest

Pretty Honest is the best no nonsense beauty book around. A book for all ages, beauty journalist Hughes, covers everything from the ideal make-up for taking a perfect picture, to make-up for the morning after, in a wholly relatable and matter-of-fact way. Touching on teenage and adult issues, this is a timeless beauty companion.

Pretty Honest, £22, Waterstones.


Sophia Amoruso – #Girl Boss

This book is a guide for all women from all walks of life. #Girl Boss is a beautiful book that is so empowering and instantly instills confidence. Written by the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia takes you on her phenomenal journey, which makes for a truly inspiring read.

#Girl Boss, £11.99, Waterstones

Alexa Chung – IT

When I found out Alexa Chung was bringing out a book, I completely lost it. She is a style icon and I am a huge fan, but even if you’re not, this charming book is still worth a peruse. Fashion, beauty, girl problems, partying, taking selfies… it’s all there. So, if you’re into fashion and all that jazz, or just love Alexa like me, give this book a go, it’s thoroughly beautiful.

Alexa Chung, IT, £16.99 at Urban Outfitters.

Jessica x

Hunter UK


Written for Blush London by Jessica from A So Called Beauty Blog


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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