Blush loves – The 80s

This summer, on his annual trip from HK to London, my dad tried to convince me that the eighties were making a comeback.  As we cruised down the motorway blaring his favourite 80s jams, and his compilation CD (how very retro!) played on, I had to admit (to myself, because it’s never wise to admit one’s parents are right) that I was kind of feeling it.

It was upbeat, it was fun and I just kept imagining men with pushed up suit sleeves and women with massive perms and sequin-trimmed rara hems two-stepping away to these tunes. I couldn’t deny that it was uplifting, harking back to a time when people didn’t take themselves too seriously. As I re-watched the Chanel SS15 show, the other day, I realised my dad might have been on to something. The Pet Shop Boys playlist and the primary coloured pieces particularly at the start were all very 80s. There were silk abstract print shirts, in a crazy clash of purples, pinks and black, as well as cropped jackets and boxy Blazers.

The collection, which was famously debated about thanks to the finale protest, was according to Karl, a collection for optimism, and what could be more optimistic than the monied we-can-do-anything, Wolf of Wall Street invincibility of the 80s.  Even though the  seventies were definitely sexier and the 60s more cool, along with the 90s they’ve all been a bit rinsed, but the outlandish 80s are still up for grabs; so even if it’s just for the tunes, I implore you to reconsider the decade that made me.

Just a few reasons why Blush loves the 80s….

And a playlist of our favourite tunes….

The Chanel RTW Show – SS15

I’m sure you’ll agree the 90s are over, long live the 80s.

Jamila x

P.S Michael Jackson’s jumper in ‘rock with you’ speaks for itself.


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