Blush Asks… Lee Stafford

Since opening the doors to his first salon in Essex 30 years ago, Lee Stafford has become one of hairdressing’s household names.

In 2011, amongst the countless awards he’s been collection since 98, he was voted Most Influential Hairdresser of the year, by his fellow hairdressers; quite the accolade.

You’ve probably seen his best-selling signature pink products on the aisles of Boots, so when I was invited to his Soho loft apartment to meet the man himself, try out his new Argan Oil range and have the best sausage sandwich in town, I was there in a flash.

After wolfing down my sarnie and sipping on my ice cold St. Clements, I asked Lee about his love for London, his wife and super cute baby, oh and hair.


Lee Stafford

My wife thinks I’m a pro emailer

What would you recommend from your collection for someone with :

Thick hair: The Argan oil pre shampoo treatment and of course Argan oil in general is great

Frizzy hair: We’ve got a great ‘frizz off’ collection which is sulphate free; also great for someone who has a Brazilian.

Fine hair: ‘my big fat’, is one of my favourites. the super spray is fantastic, just spray it into hair wet or dry it gives amazing texture and volume

Where’s your favourite place to shop for your grooming products?

I don’t really use many grooming products, the only thing that I use really is Body Shop’s Body Butter.

Do you ever make beauty recommendations for your wife?

My wife is obsessed with beauty, and her hair. She dreams about her hair, she just wants to talk about it all the time. Every day, she’s like shall I go black Lee? And I have to say I’m not talking about it anymore.
Yep Jess loves all of her beauty products, I guess it was inevitable that she ended up marrying a hairdresser.

Which spa or salon do you have on speed dial?

I went to a spa with my mum once. I’d love to go more but I never really think about it. It was nice to take my mum there. I said to my wife Jess we should have a weekend away somewhere, we used to go away raving all weekend now it’s spas, that’s when you know you’re growing up. No not really.

What do you love about living in London?

I can really go on. You know I’ve been really lucky, I’ve been all over the world, and there are so many countries which are amazing for different reasons, but it just makes me appreciate London so much more the more I travel.

You know London has just got it all. I think what sums London up, is when you walk past the Tower of London and there’s a massive office block next to it that’s as big as the Tower of London, but is all glass and super modern. You’ve just got that contrast between history and yet it’s still one of the most contemporary cities in the world. It’s just got something special about it.

You know, living around here [in Soho] The best of everything in the world is a walk away.

I love Whole foods down the road…everything. Anything you could want is just here and the other thing I love about it is that people are always popping in because you’re central. If I lived in the countryside I’d see nobody but living here you see everybody. I absolutely love it. Just going out and walking the dogs you feel like you’ve done something because you see so much life around you. Even though I’m not partying as much anymore, you still feel amongst it, you don’t feel out of the loop.

Who (if anyone) influences your style?

Hmm probably sub-consciously you see things that people are wearing and you think I like that, but I wouldn’t say there’s one person I look at and think I want to be like them.

What do you think defines the London look?

Well it’s interesting, I was just in Russia, and I think the world is definitely becoming a smaller place, as far as style goes, and the Russian girls, you can just tell a Russian girl, because they loo very glamorous with their big furs around their neck. It made me think that, you know there are exceptions to the rule and there are very glamorous women in London, but London women as a whole are a little bit more edgy, they take more risks. Even with their hair as well…colours, cuts. In London you’re constantly seeing people with interesting haircuts. The London look is more edgy definitely, you know not over styled.

What last made you blush?

Wow, that’s tough. Jess what last made me blush? (Jess: you tend to make other people blush)
I don’t really get embarrassed and if I do get embarrassed I’m usually not too bothered to remember it. I’m sure something has, but I can’t remember.

All of Lee’s Argan Oil range and other products are available at Boots.

Jamila x

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Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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