Testing the Treatment – Colour at Andrew Jose with Salon Science

I’ve got very fond memories of Andrew Jose‘s Charlotte St salon, mainly because they rather graciously fixed my friends hair after I’d attempted an at home highlight job that went unsurprisingly wrong.

So when I was offered the opportunity to try out the salon for myself I jumped at the chance.
The purpose of my visit was to experience the new salon science range for which Andrew Jose is an anbassador. The range which works on the basis of stem cell repair features four collections each designed to tackle hair issues:  anti-ageing, hair loss, scalp relief and repair and radiance, for coloured hair. Andrew advised that I go for Swiss Grape, ideal as I was had just ventured into the unknown and had my hair coloured; But I’m racing ahead.
I arrived at the Andrew Jose salon, situated on London’s Charlotte St, one of my favourite streets because it takes me back to my uni days when I went to ‘revise’ at the Charlotte Street Hotel, in a bit of a fluster. It was raining outside and I was nervous as I’d agreed to get my hair coloured. In all of my years I’ve never touched my hair with colour. I’d never done a Superdrug spray job as a teen, or like most of my friends had a Sun-in stage. This was a big deal for me and I was pretty petrified.
I walked into the spacious salon to be greeted by the team and the lovely Nalan– the editors colourist of choice- who thankfully would be doing my hair. After being offered beverages by the team, Nalan sat down me down to talk colour. It was probably clear I was nervous as I had no idea what colour I wanted or how I wanted it. As I awkwardly muttered that I’d always wanted navy blue we quickly decided as it was my first time it was probably a little too bold and very risky. After deliberating over the colour book for clearly way too long, with the help of Nalan and Andrew I decided on a subtle copper red. Nalan suggested that as it was my first time getting coloured it was probably best to do ten foils, away from the hairline and concealed beneath my parting. So it was decided I was doing it, with every body part crossed.
Nalan began sectioning my hair and applying the foils. Anyone who’s ever had their hair professionally coloured will understand how fascinating it is to watch. I was momentarily mesmerised as she sectioned, foiled, brushed and folded with pure precision. After giving the colour a boost under the heater for 20 minutes, Nalan gave me a sneak peak, it was worryingly  bright, but strangely thrilling. The dye was swiftly washed out and it was time to see the results.
I was pretty confident it would look good, judging by Nalan’s excitement and it did. As my hair is currently natural it looked so cool dotted around my curly mane, but it was when it was blow dried out that I fell in love. As Nalan and her lovely assistant worked their way through my super thick hair the occasional sight of a red streak was really exciting. Once it was all straight it was divine. As she’d promised the top of my hair remained the same but through the layers were hints of this subtle wine red. I absolutely loved it and felt so daring. Now I knew why this was such a form of teenage rebellion. Getting your hair coloured is unexplainably empowering. It was subtle but it was striking and the perfect way to ease my way in. The lady next to me had an amazing balayage job that I will definitely be trying next.
[Click to view gallery]
Just before I left Andrew treated me to a consultation with the salon science products and offered some much needed tips on how to manage my hair. Apparently the Reglosse smoothing serum is the stuff dreams are made of, and having since tried it I can attest that it smells divine.
As it stands now I’m more than happy with my first, and most definitely not last, trip to Andrew Jose. The whole team, including Andrew made me feel welcome and for a big time salon it’s really lovely to feel you can approach the owner with the same ease as the junior stylist.
I’ll definitely be back, for dye job round 2. Whether your friend has turned you into a two legged leopard or you just fancy a change, you’ll be in safe hands.
Jamila x
Andrew Jose Salon, 1 Charlotte St, London, W1.
T: 0207 323 4679
E: info@andrewjose.com
Colour slices £75, Blow-dry with a Stylist £50
Salon Science products are also available at Boots.


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