Blush Asks…Hannah Newman

She’s a super stylist championing all that is whimsical and her recent work is currently being exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, featuring yours truly. We pinned down the always on-point Hannah Newman to chat blue eyeliner and the best blusher for pale complexions.



Hannah Newman


Menswear Stylist

Where do you buy your beauty bits?

Selfridges or Boots

What product are you loving at the moment?

M.A.C powder blush in Fleur Power (£18, John Lewis) helps my pale skin look less dead and I always carry a YSL lipstick in a deep red (£21.25, John Lewis) in my handbag just in case.

Mac Fleur power blush

Which spa or salon do you have on speed dial?

I can’t remember the last time I went to a spa and I haven’t had my hair cut in 2 years. Horrendous I know.

What product can’t you live without?

Mascara. My eyelashes are quite fair so I look like I have no eyelashes at all without it.

What do you love about living in London?

That nobody is going to look at you funny for standing out from the crowd.


Do you change your regime for the seasons?

Not completely but I’ll wear a thicker moisturiser in the winter and go for more of a richer lipstick shade for evenings out.

Do you change your look when you travel?

If I’m going somewhere hot, I’ll only wear a little foundation and a little mascara to let my skin breath.

What would you say is signature to your look?

Day to day, I only wear mascara on my eyes and nothing on the lips but for nights out I’d always go for a thick black or electric blue flick.

Collection extreme liner Eyeko liner

What do you use?

I’m not the neatest of people so it does take me a while to get the flick right. I like the pen-like ones so I usually go for something cheap like Collection 2000 Extreme 24 (£2.99, Boots) hour felt tip liner, or Eyeko‘s liquid liner (£15, Space NK)

Who (if anyone) influences your style?

Beauty wise it’s probably Dree Hemingway or Diane Kruger. Women who manage to look so effortless but still beautiful.

 Dree Hemingway Insta

What do you think defines the London look?

Unique, tasteful and sassy.

What last made you blush?

My carrier bag breaking and an expensive bottle of champagne falling to the ground, smashing everywhere and covering everyone around me in a sticky mess.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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