Get the Look- Dior’s Futuristic Doll Eyes

See in the new year with Peter Phillips’ new look for Dior pre-fall 15.


Models took to the runway in  coats constructed in exaggerated ideals, ankle skimming fur gilets worn atop long-sleeved sequinned and sparkly polo necks.  Though the elements remained the same – sheer sheath dresses,  knee high leather boots and quirky ski knits, the message was decidedly futuristic, helped happily along by Queen Amidala hair coils and block liner.


Whilst the fashion was thrilling it was this new take on a doll eye- the ideal look for the modern ingénue- that got us going.


The look is easily achievable with a little liner, and a sure fire way to get you noticed in 2015.

Get the look


Draw a rectangle on the top eyelid, with a jet black liquid liner, like Ready to Wear’s or Topshop‘s, stopping just short of your eyebrow, and beneath the eye. Then fill in.

Apply a few chunks of glitter to the upper lash line, or try a metallic liner like Eyeko‘s liquid metallic liner in rose gold, currently £10.50 at SpaceNK.

Finally apply mascara to your middle lashes only, to open up your eyes;-a great trick for everyday.


Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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