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‘Tis the season to get healthy but you’re ten days in and already regretting telling everyone about your dry Jan/diet/fitness plan. Lagging with weeks to go, to avoid the looming allure of giving in, it’s probably time to mix things up.

When it comes to eating well and being healthy, I prefer the quickest and easiest option, and there’s nothing easier than shoving all the veg in your fridge into a blender or having a green tea with your yaki soba.

Most models attribute their glowing complexions, shiny hair and healthy insides to green juice and water; But with so many powders and juices in the market its impossible to know where to start.

My top 3 drinks not only detox and de-bloat  but never fail to make me feel better.

Boo Tea 14 day Teatox

Boo Tea

I love a good herbal tea. Ever since I heard from a model that dandelion tea is the best antidote for bloating, I will literally buy anything with it in. Strangely, prior to Christmas, my belly wouldn’t stop growing (I was definitely over-eating and generally being one of those writers who spend all day checking the fridge to distract from writing.) So I felt it was time to test out tjhe Boo Tea Teatox, which I’d been avoiding as I was very much in tox mode. The box comes with two large sachets- one for the day detox (to be taken every morning,) the other to be consumed just before bed every other night. I started with the night detox which was tasty but admittedly didn’t really commit too. The day detox on the other hand, I drank every morning, because it was yummy and really was no efforty to remember. Within days my tummy was flat again and I can pretty much gurantee it was because of this.

£19.99 for 21 Tea Bags, available at Holland & Barrett

The Super Elixir

super elixir

After a single serving, the Super Elixir quickly became my summer staple. The travel pack which I tried, came divided into seven foiled sachets, (one of which lasts about a week) and is a great way of testibng out whether it works for you. The bright green finely grounded powder can be used in anyway you like: mixed into filtered water, a smoothie or sprinkled over a meal. I first tried two tablespoons mixed in ice cold evian and it was delicious. The taste is quite sweet but strangely still manages to make water taste like water. The Super Elixir created by Elle McPherson (which is reason enough to try it) is an alkalising blend of super greens, Chinese herbs, and digestive enzymes, which really boosts energy and is great for to take on a hangover or a heavy night. Whenever I had an energy slump throughout the summer one glass of water with this made me feel so energised. It really is great.

Travel Pack (7x10g sachets), $27 at Welleco or 300g at £80 at Net-a-Porter

Neal’s Yard – Organic Greens Complex

The one thing that lets Neal’s Yard’s organic green complex down, is that it’s presented in a very raw form. When mixed into water- unlike the Super Elixir- you will often find a few  bits that don’t dissolve and you often have to retrieve from your tongue. The best thing about it is, it’s totally organic and full of ingredients you know are good for you: spinach, chlorella, green tea,wheat grass and spriulina. It comes in a resealable sachet with a baby-style spoon which makes measuring easy.I’ve found this best chucked into a smoothie or taken as a shot (imagine wheatgrass but a lot nicer.) If you want to feel stronger and re-charged, this is a fantastic option.

£20 for 100g at Neal’s Yard

Jamila x


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