Why you need Lip Gloss


 I’ve never really got the point of lip gloss, mainly because when I bought it as a teenager it was in the age of the super sticky, disturbingly shiny Juicy Tubes and their not up-to-par pretenders. Once I’d discovered the smooth finish of a lipstick I never looked back and nor did I want to.

As the New Year loomed and the weather continued to plummet – coupled with the very scary reality of chapped lips beneath my lipstick- I suddenly grew a pair and decided to try the new Smashbox Lip Gloss that had been lying in my cabinet begging to go out on the town.

After Applying a little lip balm, I whipped on Smashbox‘s new be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer in Dark Plum.

It glided on and as I rubbed it in with my fingers to even out the colour I was surprised by the absence of the gluey residue I’d long associated with gloss. My lips were silky with a subtle sheen. As the day continued my lips remained hydrated, glossy and chap free. Now I finally get gloss. It’s the secret to your lips surviving the winter.

Smashbox, Be Legendary Long-Wear Lips Colour, £19, Boots

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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