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Pamper rooms

I’d been keen to test a treatment at the Pamper Rooms ever since I stumbled across their Curtain road salon one busy lunchtime; so when I was invited down to their new digs within the very cool boutique Celestine Eleven, I’d booked in before the manager could say mini massage.

I’ve always found it tricky to find an upmarket salon in East London that isn’t a hairdressers, so the Pamper Rooms new location on Holywell lane- situated around the corner from Shoreditch High St station and within walking distance of Old St and Liverpool St stations- couldn’t be handier.

I arrived at the salon to be greeted by the friendly Celestine staff who directed me to the pamper rooms downstairs which were next to what seemed to be a small gallery; an original and very Shoreditch neighbour.

The pamper rooms are at the moment more of a pamper room, but don’t let that put you off. Upon meeting the beautician Shelley, I instantly felt at ease. I, as I always seem to be, arrived in a bit of a cluster, but within seconds Shelley had whipped out her fan to get me comfortable.

I opted for their signature chocolate hot wax, followed by a mini massage; a combination I couldn’t more highly recommend.

First Shelley spritzed my skin with the Lycon prep spray, which aimed and seemed, to make the waxing experience less painful and stopped the wax from stripping my skin.

Unlike many beauticians who I find, tend to get impatient with the cooling speed of hot wax, Shelley took it in her stride, applying small strips and actually allowing hem to dry, which if you’ve ever experienced a wet rip you will definitely value!

The hearty Lycon wax went on like a dream and, as with all good lycon, was easily removed. The heavenly chocolate scent momentarily made me forget I was being waxed at all and the finish was flawless. Left without a hair out of place, it definitely ranks within my top 10 waxes of all time.

Being the spa junkie that I am, I opted for a 30 minute massage afterwards. Shelley started by placing a warm towel on my back which was instantly alleviating, before proceeding to add the aromatic massage oils. As ever the 30 minutes were up way too fast, but the time I had was such a treat. The beautician started in long strokes and worked on the sides, kneading out my knots and soothing them with every sweep. The head massage at the end was an added bonus and as she placed the hot towel on my back again I’d completely forgotten that I’d had a wax at all.

If you live or work in London’s hectic East end, a place you can pop in to be guaranteed a proper pamper is priceless.

Jamila x

Braziilian chocolate hot wax, £39. Massages £15-£60 for 15-60


Pamper Rooms,

4 Holywell Lane



For more information visit: pamperrooms.com


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