Testing the Treatment – Espace Prive, Notting Hill

As I’ve often said there are some occasions when there’s nothing better than a massage. Though considered a luxury and not a particularly cheap one- the importance of a good massage can’t be overstated. Whether you have a lot on your mind, you’ve got some cellulite that needs shifting, or after too many late nights you’re in need of some serious r&r. In my case it was all three. 2014 wasn’t particularly terrible, but by no means had it been great and I was in desperate need of an unadulterated hour to just chill and reflect. So when I was offered the opportunity to pop into the Espace Prive day spa, ahead of the New Year, there was nothing I needed more.

The salon, situated on a quiet corner in Notting Hill, not too far from the Sunday morning haven that is Westbourne Park, is a fantastic place to visit if you live locally or fancy an afternoon of escapism. Upon entering the light, airy and tastefully decorated salon, I was greeted by manager Renee who led me downstairs to an even nicer area, fit with a mani/pedi corner and 3 treatment rooms.

Espace Prive nails

As Renee popped in the birdsong cd and left me to get undressed in the dim lit room, I’d already begun to relax. Renee asked what type of massage I was after, and upon hearing that I definitely needed a full body because of tension in my shoulders and cellulite on my thighs- that was literally making me shudder every time I looked in the mirror, we decided upon a Swedish massage mix. Renee started by working on my calves and it wasn’t until she applied a little pressure that I realised how tight they’d become. Without divulging on every body part, suffice to say Renee worked her way up to my upper back, kneading, sweeping and pressing as she went. On occasion I found myself, drifting out of my daydream into sheer awe at how one woman’s hands could be so skilled. I still am struck at the sheer stamina that went into my 60 minute massage. When she reached my upper back she unearthed one of the most painful knots I didn’t even know I had. It seemed the little blighter had nestled itself into my shoulder blade some time ago and as Renee worked it to the surface I must say I winced a little; but then again when it comes to any type of pain I really am a wimp. Later Renee advised that I would definitely benefit from another massage to extinguish it all together.

After my back had been worked on, I was flipped over and given the best neck and shoulder massage I think I’ve ever had, which was the perfect ending to an hour that- as they tend to do, when you’re really enjoying yourself- flew by.

Espace prive

My experience at Espace Prive was divine; an hour that allowed me to drift off into deliberation whilst being really looked after. As I turned out of the salon and onto Westbourne Park surrounded by beautiful boutiques and cafes, I felt wholly liberated. Not bad for £60.

 Swedish massage, £60 for 60 minutes.

1 Courtnell Street
Notting Hill
W2 5BU

T: 020 7243 1718 / E: reception@espaceprive.co.uk


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