Blush loves… Oils

Oils are no longer a new phenomenon. We use them for our faces, our bodies and our hair. They’re officially a thing; and as they’re the only chance most of us get to put some vitamins on our skin, they’re here to stay. I’ve already gushed about my favourite hair and face oils; but that was a while back and whilst they still remain worthy contenders, there are some new nominees for the top oils in town.

The Night Oil

Kiehls midnight recovery oil.jpeg

I love a good face oil and I’ve tried the best of the best: Trilogy’s Rosehip oil is hearty and rich, Aromatherapy Associates‘ smell is instantly soothing, and African Botanicals Marula Oil is light and instantly absorbed. I thought I’d figured out my faves, until I discovered Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery. You’ve no doubt seen the blue bottle and marvelled at it’s midnight majesty; there’s something about it that just seems so legitimate.

Thankfully it’s not all style over substance. The light oil comprises a reassuring blend of essential oils: including slumber ensnaring lavender, evening primrose oil and omega 6 fatty acids. The midnight recovery concentrate, is quickly absorbed and feels light on the face (which is great if heavy creams and oils aren’t your thing). I’ve been using it over the winter months and not once have I woken up to tight or dry skin. It can be used alone or alongside your usual night cream; either way its a fantastic hydrator that never fails to leave skin supple.

Kiehl’s, Midnight recovery concentrate, £36 at John Lewis

The Hair Oil

ojon oil

Even though in my last piece on Ojon, I marvelled at their amazing range of products for afro hair, the great thing about them is that they cater to everyone. Whether your hair is fine, limp, thick or frizzy, there will be a product to treat it. One of my favourite Ojon products is the rare blend hair oil. The oil, which comes in 3 different formulas, each of which is specifically designed to tackle different hair’s needs. There is the: rare blend oil rejuvenating therapy– for fine fragile hair, the rare blend oil moisture therapy– for hair with dry ends and the rare blend oil total therapy -for thick or coarse damaged hair. I first tried the rejuvenating therapy for fine hair, which even though my hair was too thick to feel the full benefits was a lightweight oil that smelt amazing, absorbed quickly and left hair non-greasy. The rejuvenating therapy oil, for thick or coarse hair, is the one for me and in the 4 months since I’ve tried it, I am steadily (and very cautiously) working my way through my second bottle (cautiously, may I point out- because I don’t want it to end.)

The oils which have the restrorative ojon oil at their centre can be used on damp or dry hair and I have to say having tried every high-street oil out there, are the best things ever. People believe that my shiny exceedingly healthy-looking hair is down to me drinking litres of water a day and taking the utmost care of it; in fact it’s simply because I use Ojon.  

Ojon, Rare blend rejuvenating therapy oil (for fine hair), £12, John Lewis, Rare blend moisture therapy oil (for dry ends), £12 (15ml) John Lewis and Rare blend total hair therapy oil (for thick or damaged hair), £12, Ojon

The Oil Serum

dr organi argan oil serum

Putting aside the fact that £14.99 is an absolute bargain for 100ml of serum, Dr Organic’s Argan Oil Serum deserves praise for more than that. The oil serum which is great for those who want to ease themselves into the oil game, is a blend of  argan, moringa and kakui seed oils among many other notable nourishers. The formula is lightweight and thanks to extracts of lemon and patchouli leaves hair smelling great. The results are always silky smooth hair that feels nourished and frizz free. It’s a winner.

Dr Organic, Argan oil serum, £14.99, Holland & Barrett

The Bust Oil

Orico bust oil
This may seem like a random entry and whilst my boobs aren’t exactly ankle-grazing, it never hurts to plump things up. After all I’m not 16 any more and the scene in The Sweetest Thing when Cameron Diaz is in the changing room remarking on where her twenty-year-old breasts used to be always comes to mind; as I wish they were still ‘there’ (imagine arms lifted up), as opposed to somewhere around ‘here’ (arms brought back down.) Anyway, that needn’t be an issue any longer thanks to Orico‘s bust spray. The organic skincare company, hailing from London, that I just love, have created a bust firming oil that not only makes your boobs smell amazing- thanks to the blend of lime and orange essential oils- but definitely makes breasts firmer and fuller, after the recommended 6-weeks of use. I have to say that it really isn’t a placebo product, it does genuinely work. Sometimes seeing is believing and I have most definitely seen the light.

Orico, Full Cup, Bust and Neck enhancing elixir, £28, Lookfantastic. 

Jamila x

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