Spring skin

Spring is here, which can only mean one thing- it’s time to reboot your skin.

The Scrub
I love everything Orico– I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. And I’ll happily sing it from the rafters. They’re organic, everything smells amazing and they create for the urban woman with pollution clogged pores; What’s not to like. Seamlessly slipping into my Orico arsenal is Streetwise city face scrub, a creamy scrub combining pure unclogging coconut shell an cell regenerating tangerine oil. Unlike many scrubs which strip this balanced blend, helped along by the addition of coconut oil, leaves skin nourished and like new.
Orico, Streetwise city scrub, £16, Orico London
The Serum
Upon application of Chanel’s Hydra beauty serum, it instantly appears as you have splashed your face with. The name suggests that this is no so surprising an outcome, but nonetheless is pretty good going for a serum that resembles a gel.
For those in need of a moisture surge, Chanel’s latest innovation, is the key to quenching thirsty skin.
Chanel, Hydra beauty serum, £59, Boots
The other serum
Okay so trilogy’s calming serum is actually a serum too but it makes it’s way onto the list because it’s function is totally different. As the weather warms skin can go into meltdown. Unsure whether to chill out on the sebum production or not. Whether this is the reason your skin needs calming, or you suffer from irritated or sensitive skin, Trilogy’s calming serum is a must have. It’s one of those products I used from the moment I tried it until the moment it finished. The creamy consistency immediately leads you to, accurately, believe that it will nourish naughty skin.
Trilogy, Very gentle calming serum, £28.50, Look Fantastic

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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