Blush loves… The Balmain sidey

If you’ve ever watched the Kardashians– and let’s face it, if you read Blush- you probably have, you’ll have also marvelled at the power of a parting. Whenever Kim, Khloe or Kourtney take to the camera to have their way too rational revaluation of whatever drama they’ve overcome that episode, you will often have gasped or gushed at the sudden centre parting, sleek pony or fringe that’s sprung out of nowhere. I think it’s really why we love those cray Kardashians; yes their lives are pimped and they have an enviable family dynamic, but what I envy most is their bravery when it comes to changing up their look. Sometimes it does look dodgy- particularly when Kourtney is trying out a Krazy new style (yes I’m getting in on the K action) but it just goes to show that you don’t always have to get a new cut or dye job to dramatically alter your appearance; sometimes it’s as simple as a sidey.

Balmain kendall gigi
We’ve already raved about the Balmain sweep back, and now we’re getting all giddy over the simple sidey they offered up for AW15.
Whilst it’s not exactly rewriting the rule book on hairdos it can’t be denied that the deep side parting looks super fresh.
Considering it’s not quite time for beachy waves yet, this is a great look to rock with your new spring trench, and Keep you looking seriously kool.
Jamila x

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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