Get the Look – Ghetto Pigtails

Pigtails are the epitome of youth; ideal if you’re going for a Marc by Marc Jacobs AW14, rebel school girl vibe. Notoriously tricky to pull off for anyone over the age of 18, the pigtail that has consistently proved most passable, is the ghetto upgrade.

A hairstyle, that has managed to make Katy Perry cool, the Ghetto Pigtail makes it look like you haven’t tried, but are simply blessed with natural swag.

 Perhaps we’re still hankering after kinky locks, or perhaps it’s their ease that makes them so appealing, but there’s something about pigtails that is eternally reassuring.

Whatever it is, their refusal to be sidelined saw them pop up on two of the coolest girls at Coachella Mia Moretti and FKA Twigs, and er, Katy Perry.
The bubblegum-pop princes has never really been my cup of tea, but after the surprisingly good Dark Horse, I have been trying to keep my mind open. The singer looked the coolest she’s ever looked at the Moschino Coachella party and whilst that may have had a lot to do with her Moschino, her pigtails definitely played their part.
As the likes of Dazed and I-D, Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy and of course J.Lo continue to champion baby hair, it seems that fashion’s love affair with all things ghetto, shows no sign of stopping.
I asked the lovely, and award-winning hairdresser and entrepreneur, Lee Stafford how to Get the Look.
The inspiration:
Lee says:

“To get Katy Perry’s slicked back pigtail braids is super easy. To start simply take an egg sized amount of my Messed Up Putty (£5.99, from Boots) and work through damp hair starting right from the roots to just below your ears.


Next take a sectioning comb like my Colour Therapy Sectioning Tail Comb (£3.99, from Boots) and give yourself a really defined centre parting using the pointy end of the comb.

Lee stafford tail comb

Then neatly comb the hair on each side of the parting so it is neatly tucked behind your ears and fasten each section of hair behind your ears into pigtails with an invisible hair tie and plait each pigtail once again securing them with a hair tie.

Hold Tight lee stafford

Finish off your look with a generous helping of my Hold Tight Hair Spray (£5.99, from Boots) to make sure there are no stray flyaway’s and to keep your look in place. Easy peasy!”

There seems there’s no stopping the resurgence of ghetto hair; and nor would we want it to, how else are you going to amp up your Adidas?

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