AAAH!! Time for Bare Legs!

Spring is here, hurrah. That’s the first reaction. The second is probably: “Oh crap I’ve only got four weeks until that bikini holiday.”

Whilst there is plenty you should be doing: eating salads for lunch and soup for dinner, getting down to your nearest IPL salon and drinking juices packed full of protein powder and chia seeds; oh and actually going to the gym. I’ve always been in favour of the easy approach. If I start as I mean to go on, i.e buy a nice new firming lotion, or body brush, surely I’ll feel the urge to take things further, and actually go for a run.

Whether that happens or not (if I’m honest it’s most likely not, walking up the tube escalator is about as hardcore as I get,) at least my skin will be supple, firm and fragrant.

The new Clarins body range, has proven most helpful on this front, so- for the sake of those with a similar workout disposition as me- it was only right that I share. And to be fair, if you resist the temptation to buy online and get your free samples, then the walk to your nearest Clarins retailer, will definitely count as something.

I’m a huge fan of Clarins skincare- their face washes are unrivalled in my affections, but I’d never dabbled in their body care- mainly because it just seems too nice for everyday moisturising. In truth it is, but it’s a nice treat for when you’re going bare-legged, or are feeling lucky. I tried the extra-firming body lotion and the exfoliating body scrub, both of which are very necessary for the purpose of reviving winter-worn skin.

The salmon-pink tinged Extra-Firming Body Lotion, already feels special, thanks to it’s rather unexpected hue, but it’s also the enlivening scent that makes this a moisturiser too worthy of the everyday. The lightweight formula is easily absorbed and glides on to leave smooth and supple skin. I’m not 100% sure if my body actually is firmer, but whenever I use it I feel like it is, so that ‘s surely half the battle won.

Clarins, Extra-firming body lotion, £41, Clarins or Boots.

Clarins exfoliator

The real key to supple skin that you can wear short shorts with, is a good exfoliator. Much like a facial exfoliator, it should be used once or twice a week for effects to really be seen (and to ensure you don’t scrub away your skin’s epidermis.)

Clarins’ Exfoliating Body Scrub, all jokes aside, is actually beyond good. The bamboo extracts, similar to those in the Orico city face scrub, leaves skin so soft that it rivals my algae wrap at the Langham. Suffice to say I loved it, and if you’re looking for a body scrub and don’t mind splashing out, this is a summer must-have; every other exfoliator will pale in comparison afterwards.

Clarins, Exfoliating Body Scrub, £29, Clarins.

Ruby Red Body Wash

And in the interests of mixing things up, this is the perfect time to introduce Ruby Red. I’d never heard of the brand, but after hearing that their Body Cleanser was shortlisted for several beauty awards- and I was offered the opportunity- I had to see what all the fuss was about. I opted for Jasmine and Cardamom which turned out to be a grown-up but seriously soothing scent that I wish I also had in bath oil form. The tub is huge and will last absolutely ages. The soothing aloe leaf helps rebalance hydration levels and it being a natural product, you can really feel the difference from the highly chemical high-street alternatives. Whilst it’s not as cheap by any means, it feels and looks great, leaves you smelling divine and gives you an excuse to got to Fortnum & Mason.

Ruby Red, Soothe and gentle body cleanser, £38, RubyRed or Fortnum & Mason.



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