Blush loves…L.A Girls

If last year was all about the Brit girl: Cara, Jourdan, Sam, Kate, Naomi, Georgia May & Suki, this year is all about the L.A girl.

These girls are surpassing our girls in the social media stakes, with Kendall now Social Media’s top model, with 42,958,641 followers and Old Cara coming in fourth with 14,399,890 followers.
Perhaps it’s because Spring is upon us and whilst we do festival dressing like no other, know how to rock a leather jacket and are the masters of the high-low mix (yes we want to shop at Saint Laurent, but our budgets are still firmly Urban Outfitters,) these girls have summer style mastered. Their Instagram images of lazy beach Sundays and pool parties are envy-inducing- and whilst L.A has been the place to be for a while and not just for aspiring model-turned actors- these born and bred California girls are doing it best.
There are the bad baby sisters Kylie Jenner (lip-liner Queen and role-model to anyone still wearing extensions), Bella Hadid (the baby sister of new super Gigi, who always wears black and has the doe-eyed pout down to a t) and Bieber BFF Hailey Baldwin, the rock & roll girl who somehow manages to make a lob look young, and has mastered the messy bun.
Then there are the big time fashion girls: Gigi Hadid, the golden girl, future super, and Carine Roitfeld fave; and there’s top dog Kendall.
Young, fun and fresh, these girls are making money through a medium they understand better than anyone else and are looking out for each other in the process. Who says girl power is dead #SheforShe.
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