The Met Ball 2015 -The Good, Bad & Hilarious

The UK election was a bit of a shocker, so it seems apt to talk about something frivolous to take our minds off it. Though the Met Ball Gala was a while ago now (well four days, but these days that’s practically a lifetime,) I still feel the need to comment on it. The furore it caused in memes alone, makes it still topical, but the fact that my dad actually emailed me links of the Rihanna omelette cape, sealed the deal.

Blush isn’t really about dissing people, but sometimes there are ensembles so shocking and so utterly hilarious that they have to be mentioned.

Whilst a lot of talk went into the best arse contest between Beyonce, J-lo and Kim K, as well as the aforementioned Rihanna gown (which I am rather biasedly going to pretend didn’t happen because I love her so) a few outfits continue to render me speechless.

Anne Hatawya met ball
Anne Hathaway grates on me anyway, but the fact that she could keep a straight face whilst she posed in her hooded gold dress, was beyond me. Admittedly on someone like FKA Twigs, or Candice Swanepoel, who both looked amazing, it could definitely work. But on Princess Mia, it’s just a no. No. Make it stop. NO!!!

Next on my hit list is Miley Cyrus who managed to make an exquisite Alexander Wang Balenciaga dress disturbing, with her unerotically suggestive sides; like a beautiful apple that had been bitten on both ends to reveal the body of a teenage boy.

Miley Cyrus met ball balenciaga

Then there’s the costume, that more than any other- more than Hathaway’s, more than Solange’s spaceship -presumably to distract from last year’s elevator incident, (also probably why Beyonce went nude;) more than Adriana Lima’s boredeaux sparkle-fronted sack dress, which she for some reason, paired with her hair down, dark lipstick and smokey eyes all beneath a dark fringe- perhaps to distract from the dress?

The costume in question, is that bestowed on us by Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP, the noughties queen of quirky, finally took it too far, with her much ridiculed headdress, that really does encapsulate the stupid Westerner. I see where she was going with it and on a stage it would’ve been fantastic.

Fashion is for having fun and dressing up, so if they’re happy, we shouldn’t care, it’s just a shame that I’ll never be able to look at a hooded gold gown the same, ever, again.



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