Blush Loves…Bangs

Researching for an upcoming shoot, I found myself repeatedly pinning pictures of brunette girls with blunt bobs and fringes. I’ve always been a fan of the fringe- mainly because I can’t have one. I did try to cut one when I was about six, but an afro fringe doesn’t really work, at all.

There are so many fringe icons: Jane Birkin, Sienna Miller, even Daisy Lowe, but these days it’s all about the blunt -little-bit-too-short- fringe.

The new fringe, is a little more Betty Page than Birkin; think Grace Hartzel in Saint Laurent, or any of the girls below.

If you’re growing out your bob, or need a look to give long hair a new lease of life, a fringe adds instant edge. Most salons offer a fringe trim service: Charles Worthington’s are a tenner, Headmasters are free and Josh Wood has a whole salon dedicated to the Bang- with his aptly named Bang Bar

If you’re too scared to actually go for the chop, Hershesons sell clip-in fringes for £30, which means now, there’s really no reason not to get banged.

Hunter UK

Lead photo: Dazed & Confused via Pintrest.


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