Blush Loves…Hersheson’s Braid Bar

It’s always exciting when a new salon, or service launches, especially when they become a staple; Blink Brow Bar in Selfridges I’m talking to you.

If you spotted the ‘Blush Bus‘ at last summer’s festivals, you’ll know how much we love a good braid- and how popular they were. We literally couldn’t keep up with the demand for braided up-dos, fishtails and Heidi crowns; and I think people love it because it’s the one thing they can’t do themselves. It seems Daniel Hersheson and I are on the same page. The master of the budget blow dry, is adding to his repertoire with the launch of his braid bar.

The Braid bar, which allows customers to select from a selection of braids including: classic cornrows and the blow dry bar best seller carlam.

The pop-up which will be taking over Topshop’s top floor all summer, and be rolled out across select stores nationwide, promises to whip up any braid in 15 minutes for the very decent price of £15.

If you’ve got short hair but fancy a bum grazing braid, never fear, as you can purchase a hair piece at the counter and get it braided in free of charge.

On the day everyone was clamouring for an undercut, which is undoubtedly the easiest look to pull off- and out, once things get too messy.

Blush Asks…Daniel Hersheson

I asked the man himself, why he decided to pop up at Topshop and what his top tips would be for keeping braids in check.

BL: Why topshop?
DH: “We’ve had a long standing relationship with them. We had the world’s first blow dry bar downstairs and that had a great response. We then had a braid bar at the Topshop LFW show space a couple of seasons ago,  so that was the test for this really”
BL: Which braids do you think will be the most popular?
DH: “Judging from our soft launch alone, I’d say the most popular has definitely been the s and the undercut”
BL: What tips can you give us for making a braid last longer?

DH: “It’s all in the prep. It’s got to be done really well. Use a little water on the brush before your start.

Any kind of paste or putty you have, apply a little onto your fingers, which will hold the plait together as you braid. Lastly, don’t forget to use hairspray!”
 Perfectly positioned for you to pop into on your way to Field Day or carnival, Hersehon’s newest venture, promises to be our newest essential.

Kurt Geiger Ltd.


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