Get the Look – Workout Wear

When I got into Berlin’s notoriously hard to penetrate – Berghain  nightclub in Adidas leggings, an oversized Supra Tee, Nikes and a fox fur and leather coat; I knew that the lines of luxe sports and streetwear had become permanently blurred, and most importantly, accepted; to the point that they were deemed good enough to be seen in on an evening out.

Everywhere I turn these days there is someone running or cycling towards me; and whilst I rather stupidly continue to consider walking up the tube elevator as exercise, I know a lot of you out there are hardcore gym bunnies- the gym now taking form in: barrecore classes, commuter cycling and the many parks and pavements of London.

So I thought it only apt to give the people what they want and do a GTL on the best workout wear. Some of which should be strictly constrained to the yoga studio and perhaps the pub afterwards; the others, might just get you into Berghain.

Get the Look:

A jazzy pair of pants help to cheer you up, when you have a personal trainer pushing you way past the point you would comfortably stop at and give yourself a pat on the back for, in the comfort of your own home. If you’re hoping to head out out afterwards, something black may be a bit more suitable. M&S have a surprisingly good range of workout pants, fit with a zip pocket at the back for your Ipod. I’m also really feeling Without Walls’ aztec running shorts, perfect for tanning as you fat burn. As always, Nike can be relied on for something you can go raving in afterwards.

I’m still a fan of an old-fashioned tank, but if you’re feeling really retro, opt for an oversized skaterboy tee over a black (or neon) crop.

I’ve just discovered Saucony, which is surprising considering they’ve been around since 1898. Their huge range of weightless running shoes are the perfect antidote to New Balance fatigue.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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