Blush Asks…Paulina Stepowska

Fashion Bloggers have long been a phenomenon- but I tend to find their style a bit samey. There is one blogger whose style I absolutely adore; edgy and laid-back, Paulina Stepowska manages to toe the line between tomboy and throwback like no other; and never seems like she’s trying too hard. For her bob alone she should be an icon; so I decided to get in there before everyone else got on the bandwagon, with a Blush Asks.

BlushAsks- Always


Paulina Stepowska

Student (childhood studies)

Where do you buy your beauty bits?
I tend to shop in pharmacies for my beauty bits. Budni, Rossmann and DM are the best. 



What product are you loving at the moment?
I´m in love with my Essence lipliner in red blush (£1 at Wilko)! It reminds me of the 90s- I really love the 90s style.

We love your style, where do you love to shop?
As a student I´m always running out of money, so I shop mostly at secondhand shops. There are some really cool ones here in Hamburg, like Vintage & Rags , Kleidermarkt and Humana


But I also love to shop at Monki, Weekday, Urban Outfitters and H&M for basics.


What beauty product can’t you live without?
I guess I would go crazy without a lip balm. I am addicted! So I can´t live without my classic lip balm from Bebe (39.95, Amazon).

What do you love about living in Germany?
I really like the security here in Germany. The social insurance is really good. You don’t really have to worry about your personal safety.


Do you change your beauty regime for the seasons?
In summer I usually don´t wear that much make up, because my skin needs to breathe and get tanned.


Do you change your look when you travel?
I would say my look is more simple when I travel, because I try not to take too many clothes with me. Just simple items which I can combine easily. 

What would you say is signature to your look? 
I always try to look as natural as possible (beside my lipliner, which I sometimes use as a little highlight).

What do you use when you go all out?
I use concealer, a little bit of make up, matte powder, eyebrow powder and mascara.

Who (if anyone) influences your style?
I get influenced by so many things- people on the street, my friends, magazines, Instagram! But what I love the most is to surf on the internet and check out some cool Tumblr accounts which show some inspirational photos from the 90s. I love that 90s combination of girly and a bit grunge.


What do you think defines the London look? Do you think it’s different to the look in Germany?
Honestly, I don’t really know. Sadly I’ve never been to London before, but when I think about going to London I would try to be more self-confident in what I´m wearing. Like I would go more crazy with my style: more colors, high heels and be a bit more daring with my looks! In Germany I am more focused on the whether I look ‘socially acceptable’. In London I wouldn’t care.

What last made you blush?

Kissing my boyfriend after a long time. Unfortunately we have a long-distance relationship 😦 


All photos: Paulina Stepowska @



Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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