Blush Loves…Festival Beauty

Glastonbury may already be over, but don’t be disheartened, festival season has only begun.

This time of year you can always guarantee a kooky launch or two. Case in point the Scunci InstaTwist. Which if you’re as old as me, is a massive throwback to the old-school automatic hair braiders, that my hair would always get caught in, leaving a knotted mass I’d always have to cut out.

Scunci twister blushlondon

Fortunately enough this 2015 upgrade is easy to use and, most importantly, safe! Made in collaboration with One Direction Hairstylist (and sister of Bleach co-founder), Lou Teasdale the battery operated device is the perfect festival companion in lieu of the Blush Bus, allowing you to create twisted up-dos and French plaits in seconds. As the lovely Lou is involved, there are a wealth of styles to be inspired by, with accompanying tutorials.

Who needs to spend £30 on a braid bar, when you can nurse your hangover with your BFF, as you drink gin and braid each other’s hair?

Scunci,  InstaTwist, £30, Boots.


Kiehls festival kit blushlondon

When it comes to taking off the day, there’s nothing more satisfying than a good wet wipe. But as I’m sure you’re aware, this is only a quick fix and by day 3, your skin will probably have taken a blotchy turn for the worst. For those in VIP or who’ve managed to blag their way to a fairly sanitary sink, Kiehl’s Festival Survival Kit, will be your saviour. To be honest, it’s handy for pretty much any week (or night) away. Jam-packed with best-sellers such as creme de corps, midnight recovery and the UV defense SPF cream, which is incredible! Kind of like Clinique’s City Block but less opaque, I can predict it being a summer staple- just don’t squeeze out too much, as a little goes a long way.Made in collaboration with DJ and girl-about town, Zara Martin, the kit comes in a clear airport-proof bag, with a Zara Martin designed tote thrown in for festive measure.

Kiehl’s, Festival Survival Kit, £95, Kiehl’s 

Whether you’re going for glitter or not, festivals always call for a flash of colour. Chanel’s inky, electric blue, liner comes with a superfine brush that enables you to be as outlandish, or prim as you prefer. The fact that it’s water and humidity resistant is merely an added bonus.

Chanel, Ligne Graphique, £26, Boots.

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