Skin Saviours to help you ride the Heatwave

It’s finally hot. Not 18-degree going to rain on your lunchbreak hot, it’s Mykonos hot.  Scrap that it’s St Lucia hot and whilst you may have cracked what to wear (basically as little as is socially admissible,) what to put on your face is the really tricky part. At the start of the week, I forwent all make-up in the hopes of replicating that holiday glow, only to be reminded of the fact that I actually had places to be and more notably, people to see.
Over the course of the week I’ve finally had the chance to dabble in the various summer skincare saviours that landed on my desk in december. I’ve tried and tested them all,  so you won’t have to bear the burden of a make-up meltdown.
RMK – Refreshing Gel
RMK Refreshing Gel
RMK’s refreshing gel, is an overnight delight that cools and rebalances your skin as you sleep. Enriched with rose fruit and homegrown antioxidant, bilberry extract, it’s the perfect product for cooling sun-shattered skin. I’ve been using mine morning and night because, in this heat you can never have enough moisture; I’ve been quickly converted.
RMK, Refreshing Gel, £35, LookFantastic.
Clarins – Make-up fixer
Clarins Make-up fix
So I’ve been using Avene’s L’Eau Thermale to fix my make-up for years and whilst it’s the best hydrating pick-me-up around, Clarins’ Make-up fixer really works hard to keep my make-up in check. Whilst you may still get a little sweaty, it’s the best at keeping your face as close to perfect as possible in 30-degree heat. The bottle is pretty beaut as well.
Clarins, Make-up fix, £23, Clarins
Smashbox – CC cream
Smashbox CC
My love for Smashbox’s CC Cream, may be getting a little tired, but when something does the job as effectively as this, there’s not much point looking further afield. Smashbox’s CC Cream, comes in a variety of shades from light to dark and has a consistency reassuringly thick enough to guarantee some coverage. Thankfully once on, it’s lightweight and allows skin to breathe. It’s also enriched with SPF15 so if you are feeling naughty, you’ll be fine without sunscreen (for a little while anyway).
Smashbox, CC Cream, £29, Boots.
Avene –  L’Eau Thermale
Avene L'Eau
A classic and a bargain, the French really do do it better. Avene’s L’Eau Thermale is a cult product that never fails to disappoint. Coming in a range of handbag friendly, to cabinet worthy sizes, nothing feels better than a spritz of cool mineral water from this little can of dreams. It’s also a great little make-up setter if you’re just looking for one product that does it all.
Avene, Eau Thermale, £3 for 50ml, Boots
 Smashbox – Pore refining primer
Smashbox pore refining primer
When I first tried Smashbox’s pore refining primer back in December, I found it a little too mattifying. Thankfully these days dewiness is not an issue. Smashbox’s pore refiner lays a smooth and matte base, that lets just enough dewiness peek though as the day progresses. The non-drying formula keeps shine in check all day, and from my experience of their other primers it will last you the whole summer so don’t be too frightened by the £28 price tag.
Smashbox, Pore refining primer, £28, Boots
 Ladival – Sun protection Lotion
Ladival sun protection spray
I went to the Ladival launch last December, which is a strange time to be looking at sunscreen. Stupidly I gave away most of my supplies to skiing buddies to get some feedback- which was all favourable might I add. Fortunately I left myself the 50+ SPF, which I’ve been liberally spritzing on my fast-tanning arms and shoulders everyday this week. The creamy formula protects from infrared rays and sinks in quickly without any sign of stickiness, or that creepy purple sunscreen sheen.
Ladival, Sun Protection Lotion 50+, £10, Boots.
Kiehl’s – Ultra Light Daily UV Defense
Kiehl's UV defence
I was lucky enough to get Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense, in my Festival Survival Kit,  and I will now be buying it of it’s own accord. The lightweight lotion may be SPF 50, but don’t worry you’ll still tan; my sunglasses marks are testament to that. The beauty of this is that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a heavyweight sunblock on your face, it doesn’t make you sweaty and providing you use just a little, doesn’t give you too much of a sheen.  I have super sensitive skin, particularly in the heat and this has made life extremely easy. It may not be cool to wear sunblock, but it’s better than wrinkles by 30.
Kiehl’s, Ultra Light Daily Moisturiser with UV Defense, £31, SpaceNK
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