Testing the Treatment – Radio Hair Salon Redchurch St London

I was slightly apprehensive to test a treatment at East London’s Radio Hair. I’ve often walked past the lofty salon that towers over the corner of Redchurch street in all of it’s exposed brick glory.

Walking up to it you can sense you’re about to enter somewhere special and the interior is as impressive as its exterior would imply.

The ceilings are refreshingly high, the space vast and uncluttered and
the waiting area- filled with an impressive selection of coffee table books and bi-annual fashion tomes.
As I walked in my stylist Fabio was ready to greet me and after taking my coat, he sat me down in the consultation chair to talk hair.
All I knew is that I needed a trim and I wanted blunt ends. We spoke about my hair’s condition and Fabio recommended I go for an above-the-shoulder bob, to even out my mutinous hair. Next, senior colourist Claire talked me through the kind of treatments I would need and be having.
After we’d figured out the game plan I was taken downstairs to the lower ground floor which was equally stylish and the vibe achingly cool, with: black leather chairs and gorgeous black and white photography dressing the walls.
As I sat back and got chatting to Claire about London life, I relaxed as she talked me through each step. I had a good old shampoo and condition with Bumble & Bumble’s Creme de Coco range, and after my hair was towel dried Claire applied a treatment -intense coco for the majority of my hair, a protein booster for the wispy front edges that had become a little sparse and a shine boost for all over.
Claire recommended always towel drying hair before applying a mask or treatment to allow the product to really be absorbed by the hairs cuticles;
a great little tip that I could feel my scalp rejoicing at.
After popping a very fetching plastic cap on my now well saturated hair, Claire led me back upstairs to sit beneath the funkiest drier I’ve ever seen.  My elderflower soda and Another Magazine were already waiting for me and as I flicked through my mag and the flying saucer style drier spun around my head, I’d already come to the conclusion that I’d found my new favourite salon.
After the buzzer went off, what felt like far too soon, I was led back downstairs for a final condition.
Back upstairs, I was greeted by Fabio who called in one of his assistants to help ease the load; the load being my vast amount of hair.
I have to say that I’ve never seen someone -anyone- blow dry my hair with such confidence and ease; and so efficiently. My seriously thick mane has frightened many an Afro hairdresser, but as Fabio ploughed through my hair with a little help from the Bumble & Bumble’s Blow dry cream and his Moroccan Oil paddle brush, I watched in awe, trying to pick up tips to replicate his handiwork at home.
After my hair was thoroughly dry and  blow dried straight enough that if I’d done it at home I would’ve given my self a serious pat on the back and called it a day- Fabio and his assistant began straightening my hair; with his assistant paying astute attention to detail on my usually frizzy edges with the tiniest GHds I’d eve seen (until Fabio whipped out his.) As I flicked through my mag and sipped on prosecco, I couldn’t have been happier. My hair was the straightest and lightest I think it’s ever been and even now the strength of the shine booster that was applied in my wash is still coming through.
Lastly it was cutting time and thankfully as my hair had been straightened to perfection, I’d discovered more inches than I’d had before, so was happy to take off a couple more.
Fabio levelled off the straggly V at the back and gave me the blunt edged bob I’d always dreamed of.
Considering I had several treatments, an amazing blow dry, finish and trim, I was in an out within two hours. The team were highly skilled and happy to impart knowledge. The atmosphere elevated relaxation and the service impeccable; I’ll definitely be back.

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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