Blush Loves – Spring Scents

A change of season calls for a change of scent. This summer eschew fruity florals and girly bottles for a more grown-up bouquet. Whilst an eau de toilette is most definitely cheaper, opting for an eau de parfum is the cost-effective and sophisticated way to wear scent now. All you need is a little spritz on your wrists for behind the ears and you’re good to go.

The Beach Babe

Tom Ford’s Mandarino di Amalfi, like everything Tom Ford, is a lesson in refinement. The translucent turquoise bottle recalls days spent in whitewashed villas off the Amalfi Coast; it’s hue replicating the gorgeous azure blue of Tyrrhenian Sea. Perfect for lounging by the pool, or -if you’re lucky- on a yacht, a spritz of this exclusive blend of thyme, citrus, mint and wildflowers, is instantly transporting, even if you’re in London Fields for the summer.

Tom Ford, Mandarino di Amalfi, £145, Selfridges

For city days

Narciso Rodriquez For Her

Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her, is a staple for many, but I’ve just discovered it. Whilst it’s not a traditional summer scent, it’s top notes of rose and peach, base notes of patchouli and sandalwood and central notes of amber and musk, make this a soft and sensual scent that you instantly warm to. Inescapably soothing, it’s opaque baby pink bottle is a soft statement in itself.

Narciso Rodriguez, For Her, Eau de Parfum, from £59, John Lewis

For balmy nights

Cartier Panther Perfume

Cartier’s Panthere, much like Cartier, is a classic. I fell in love with the scent, once I found out that it contains certain pheromones that make you instantly alluring. The PR I spoke to when trialling it, told me that her boyfriend literally can’t control himself around her when she wears it. With this in mind, whenever I’m out on the town, in the hope of getting lucky, I always spritz it on. Perhaps it’s a placebo, but it never fails to make me feel sexy before an evening out. It’s sensual musky smell makes its wearer instantly snuggable, making that holiday romance surely unavoidable.

Cartier, La Panthere, Eau de Parfum, from £51, John Lewis

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