Testing the Treatment – Cucumba – Soho

I love the idea of Cucumba– the urban pit stop for women on the move.

Situated in London’s Soho the salon whose exterior belies it’s vast inside, is the perfect place to pop into if you need a quick mani before that crucial meeting, or need a head to toe preen in under an hour.

Upon entering I was immediately transported to a New York-style beauty salon. Manicurists and manicurees were lined up in booths to the left, the reception bedecked in world clocks to the right and a lounge area at the front where customers seemed happy to just hang out post-treatment.
I was booked in to try one of Cucumba’s Combo Packages. The benefit being that you can pick and mix your treatments, with a handy tier system-much like a video game in which you have to collect coins: express mani- 1 coin, Brazilian hot wax 2 coins, eyebrow threading 1 coin. You can literally get your nails done, your eyebrows threaded and your bikini waxed all within your lunch hour.
When I arrived I was sat down and asked what I would be getting. After deciding on two of the above I was led downstairs for a wax. The curtained wax room made a quirky change and I felt secluded enough not to worry about the absence of doors. My beautician and I quickly bonded over nights out in London and our favourite late-night spots.
As always I opted for a hot wax; and this had to be way up there among the greats. Quick, efficient and pretty painless it was over before we even got around to talking about Bussey. I think it might have been the quickest hot wax I’ve ever had- (well where the beautician actually waits for the wax to dry anyway;) and apparently, she said she’d actually slowed down because she didn’t want to freak me out with her superhuman speed.
After I was waxed and ready to go, it was time for my express manicure. I was passed over to the mani master who whisked off my chipped nail varnish in seconds and had already started on my base coat in the time that I had been eavesdropping on two friends catching up over a pedicure.
As I watched the manager run over to another customer with a pair of complimentary flip flops, to avoid her smudging her nail varnish with her closed toe shoes, it was wholly indicative of the stellar service that Cucumba gives. I counted six beauticians, who were all constantly busy, but never made you feel rushed or in the way.
Being in Cucumba you feel like you’ve entered a secret society that you really should have known about. Ladies who lunch, ladies on lunch; the salon is full for all sorts of women, all after one thing- a great treatment, in a relaxed atmosphere and fast; and that’s exactly what Cucumba do.

Jamila x

Cucumba, 12 Poland Street, London, W1F 8QB



Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

2 thoughts on “Testing the Treatment – Cucumba – Soho

  1. Just went to cucumber. Great recommendation! Wax and thread in 30mins. Didn’t think about the fact that my eyebrows are now bright red and I’m going back to work. Oops.


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