Blush Loves: Skinny Scarves, Hair Ties and Chokers

My favourite season is upon us and I have to say I’m rather happy to see my 15 deniers again. Autumn/Winter, for me is the time you can have the most fun with your style. My Autumn style tends to be a twist on old classics. Silk blouses, skinny jeans and fur coats never fail to do it for me; so it was only a matter of time before I gravitated to the perfect partner of the shirt and skinny jean combo- the skinny scarf.


A firm favourite of Kate Moss, the skinny scarf is staging a comeback thanks to the seventies Parisian whimsy championed at Chloe for AW15– who decree that the only way to wear the skinny tie now is black, thin and long. Bottega Veneta also dabbled in the look, with a more masculine approach: polka dot silk scarves in rich navies and bordeauxs took centre stage at their show; And Temperley London offered the silk scarf up as an evening alternative to the fur stole, opting to pair it with spaghetti strap slips and jumpsuits in matching prints.

Inspired by all of the above and a recent purchase from a very recent vintage scavenge, I decided to put my new paisley silk scarf to the test to see whether I could pull off the look with a bob. Paired with my my lace and velvet slip dress from Zara, it offered up a super sexy evening alternative and even though I was wearing more than I would have been without it, I felt like I was wearing less.

–  AW15 –

Whilst I will wholeheartedly be rocking my skinny- until everyone else is that is, its 2016 revamp courtesy of  Christopher Kane is by no means unwelcome. Kane’s branded pop colour cable ties, which he used to tie-down models’ hair at his Spring/Summer show, was genius and a great kinky purchase I will be making if they go to market.

Mary Katrantzou also showed her naughty side for spring/summer and used long black ribbons to tie part of the models hair down; opting to leave out the front strands to frame the face and draw even more attention to the bold blue mascara she opted for.

This idea of tying down one’s hair with a scarf whilst not new- Marc Jacobs used bandanas to do just that, in his SS14 Marc by Marc show- is surprisingly sexy; Perhaps it’s the bondage connotations, or the fact that its neck lengthening properties automatically add poise.

–  Spring –

Whatever the reason, neck definitely seems to be the year’s hot erogenous zone, as the choker also is back with a vengeance. Kylie Jenner hopefuls have been working the look for a while in a Nineties/Clueless/The Craft homage, but the accessory has grown up thanks to Raf Simons at Christian Dior. For his Spring/Summer 16 show models teamed pale paisley neckerchiefs with pleated mini skirts, crisp white cotton and delicate organza; he also added in jewel bar chokers- to be worn in the middle of the neck – as a necessary update on the hanging pendant chokers of the past.

All in all, it seems clear that whichever way you dress your neck – whether with a cable tie, skinny scarf, choker, or skinny scarf as a choker as a hair tie; there’s no denying that boobs are out, the arse is over and the neck is the new sexy spot.

Jamila x

Bobbi Brown UK

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Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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