Testing the Treatment – Foster London – Blow Dry

I strolled into Foster London on a very lazy Wednesday afternoon. Whilst I’ve been a fan of the East London salon from afar for a while now, I’ve never actually been in; much like Radio Hair a few streets down, I’ve always found it a little intimidating. The semicircular salon, that presides over the bottom of Bethnal Green Road, just behind Brick Lane and across the road from Shoreditch High Street, could be pretty daunting to non-Easties scared they’ll be driven out for their lack of lilac hair.

Fortunately Foster couldn’t be further from the horrors I’ve witnessed at other equally trendy establishments. I was a little baffled as I entered and couldn’t see a reception. As I walked over to a stylist to let him know I’d arrived (and thought to myself this place is so trendy they don’t even need a receptionist,) it turned out I’d just gone through the wrong door.  As he  pointed me in the direction of the reception at the back of the salon, I was duly mortified.
Whilst this was fairly embarrassing, his chirpiness set the tone for a super friendly experience at a salon, that somehow manages to be glam and stay down to earth- despite being in such a hot spot.
The chap at reception, who could easily have been at the front desk of Soho’s Phonica record store offered me a beverage and took my coat, inviting me to take a seat in the lobby. As I sat in the waiting lounge which felt more like the living room of a cool aunt- kitted out with a pastel smeg fridge, house plants and a bowl of sweets on the table, I instantly felt at ease. My stylist came over within minutes and after a quick chat, took me downstairs to wash and treat my tresses.
I thought the open space and stripped floorboards that defined the ground floor were pretty cool, but the lower ground floor is epic -and the Instagram feed of Foster or FOLO as they’re known on insta suddenly made sense. Downstairs was a cool girls’ dream: cosy cream leather sofas and giant mirrors- adjacent to the black disco-tiled wash room- screamed Jerry Hall circa Studio 54.
After I’d been washed and conditioned, I was taken back upstairs for my blow dry. As I sipped on ice cold water and lemon and caught up with the monthly and bi-monthly glossies, I didn’t think I could be more relaxed; that was until I was offered a manicure.
As I said, Foster London know what women want.
Whilst the manicurist and I debated over which shade of Bordeaux Essie nail polish I wanted, I’d totally forgotten my hair was being done- which is a great testament to my hairdresser.
As I sat flipping through mags with one hand being polished and my hair being perfected, I felt much how I presume Kim Kardashian feels every day, like a queen! And I loved it.
To mix things up from my usual poker straight blow out, my stylist suggested I go for a blow with a little texture. I had no idea what that was (would she be using paste?) but it sounded serious, so I went for it it.
I’m so happy I did because she gave my hair the bounce it’s often missing after a blow out.  I often opt for a super sleek do which does tend to look pretty flat, but when your hair is as big as mine this is usually an achievement.
The textured blow dry was just that; my usual blown out bob, with a little texture, volume and a lot more bounce -which really framed my face.
It’s worth mentioning that in the three blow dries I’ve had since I’ve asked for a blow out ‘with texture’ and sadly nothing has come close. Apart from the fact that the whole experience was over far too quickly, I couldn’t have been happier with my time at Foster. The staff were amazing, the skill level insane and the surroundings perfection. I will definitely be back for another textured blow. Thanks FOLO.
Jamila x
Foster London
1 Sclater St, London E1 6HR

020 7613 5959


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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