Blush Loves… Dr Jackson Face Oil – 03

Blush’s quest for impeccable skin continues and this week we’re going au naturel.
The Face Oil – Dr Jackson Face Oil – 03
Dr Jackson 2 crop apoth
I was lucky enough to meet Dr Jackson, at a Liberty event celebrating the launch of his new stand alone concession, in the department store’s ever-growing ground-floor beauty emporium.
Jackson, whose study of pharmacognosy led him into skincare, found his love for the power of plants whilst working at Kew Gardens.
The conception of his eponymous skincare brand can be attributed to his travels across Africa, South America and Asia in which he saw first hand the benefits of utilising native Baobab and Kigelia plants, used locally as natural remedies for blemished, or dehydrated skin. The result is a growing collection of teas, balms and oils all derived from natural ingredients and given a fragrant boost, with the likes of: mango extract, frankincense and coconut oil.
dr-jackson face oil
The Face Oil which is the final step in his three-part skincare routine, is a blend of: soothing chamomile, vitamin c-rich baobaob, antioxidant marula oil and healing calendula and arnica. A few drops of this super elixir have consistently delivered a more even, plumped and radiant complexion- which always makes perks me up before bedtime.
As with the entire range, Face Oil –  03 comes housed in a glass pharmacy jar with a black DIY-style label seemingly printed in the lab and part of a small run/batch)- simply bearing the name of Dr Jackson.
Such minimalism is a bold move, but Dr Jackson is clearly confident in the contents; and so he should be, they’re great.
Jackson says he wants to keep creating the best of the best in natural products and set a new standard in pharmacognosy. Considering the Liberty concession’s already in the bag, I couldn’t think of anyone better placed to bring a bit of sexy back to natural beauty.

Dr Jackson, Face Oil, £55, Liberty.
Jamila x

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