Testing the Treatment – The 30 Minute Blow-Dry at – Blow Ltd

I’ve been meaning to go to Blow Ltd since I heard that a brand was finally going to make us as groomed as New York sisters, so I was super excited when I was invited over to review one of their speedy blow dries.

Blow ltd is a blow dry bar situated in the centre of Covent Garden which promises a beautiful blow dry in 30 minutes, for £30; leaving you enough time to actually eat  lunch on your lunch break. Since launching the company have expanded to include make-up services alongside their in-store beauty boutique.
I decided to opt for the blow dry (they are called blow after all). My stylist who was waiting to meet me at reception suggested I choose from their menu of 8 different styles ranging from a braided blow, undone bun blow and luxe blow. As I’m still rocking a lob, the power blow -a sleek tucked under bob- seemed like the most appropriate option.
My super thick hair makes many a hairdresser weep, so I decided  to go for a quick condition instead of the full shampoo, in an attempt to speed the process up and give my hair some tlc.
As I’d recently had my hair done, I have to admit I was a little scared of my hair becoming a little heat weary and (because of bad experiences in the past- where I’ve literally lost half of my hair, I do worry) and I was a bit of a pain in the post, constantly double checking that it wasn’t being over-exposed to heat.
After giving my hair a quick condition, my lovely (and very patient) stylist, got to work blow drying my hair section by section until it was poker straight, as I read magazines on the salon’s iPad (how modern!)
I was sat opposite a very glamorous girl who’d opted for the luxe blow- and I’d decided to use her as a speed benchmark, considering her hair was twice the length of mine but about half the density. About 1/3 of the way through my blowdry, she’d begun her curls and about 2/3rds of the way through my blow dry she was off to get her make-up done. As my stylist began to finish up I began to ponder what this girl actually did for a living and that she seemed to have a pretty a sweet life, getting her hair and make up done on a seemingly unspecial Wednesday afternoon.
For this reason alone, Blow ltd is a great choice: if you have half an hour to spare before a date, or just want to feel like a celebrity for the day.
Surprisingly enough, I’ve never actually had a proper blow dry, as in a blow dry without a quick whizz of the ghds after, and considering my trepidation I was wholly and pleasantly surprised. I left with poker straight hair, tucked in underneath. It just so happened to be my birthday and the pictures (and the reactions of my friends ) are proof in themselves that my hair looked great. I was in and out in 45 minutes which is pretty incredible if you see my hair in its natural state.
Anyway I am writing this exactly a week later and my hair is still poker straight and as light as the day I had it done, which I can say with full confidence has never happened; 4-5 days tops has been my best result yet. I have a blow dry appointment for tomorrow at another salon booked in and I have to say that I’m completely dreading it. A week after my time at blow my hair is exactly as they left it and I never want to touch it again; if that’s not the sign of a good blow dry I’m not sure what is.
Jamila x

For more info on Blow Ltd, or to try their new at-home service, visit: blowltd.com


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