Look of the Day – Rihanna’s Blue Bun

In a recent Daily Mail online binge (I’m the worst type of person I know) in which I was doing some detective work on Rihanna and Travis Scott (also very sad- yep I know), I thought I spotted what looked like a blue bun poking out of the back of her baseball cap.

I’ve wanted to go blue, since 2007 – which is a pretty long time not to do what your heart desires- the main reason I haven’t is because I’m not sure I’m fully ready for a totally blue head. Being the hair colouring genius that she is, Rih Rih has finally solved my problem. Her blue bun is the perfect blend of acceptable and quirky and a great way to dip into colour.

Perfectly paired with a slick black up-do, tailored camel shearling and casual blue jeans, Rihanna continues to master that high-low mix.


The coloured bun is a great idea, that could work with any colour you’re not quite sure you’re ready for yet. I absolutely adore it  and can’t wait to see what it looks like down.

Rih Rih we salute you, welcome back.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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