Blush Loves… winter skincare

It’s freezing outside, show your skin some love with these winter skin saviours.

Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster 

Serums are a great way of locking in moisture and protecting your skin from the great outdoors. And whilst their light consistency and barely there texture is great when you want to layer up; as the temperature continues to drop, your skincare routine needs to be stepped up a notch.

Dermalogica’s Solar Defence Booster (£38.90) is designed to up your SPF- but is actually perfect for winter. The creamy consistency is nourishing enough to still use a light day moisturiser and never fails to leave skin feeling supple and dewy. SPF also happens to be the best anti-ager and is something you shouldn’t only be using in summer, so you can actually fight those wrinkles whilst keeping your visage lovely and plump.

Aromatherapy Associates – Bath and Shower oil

Aromatherapy Associates Clear Mind
There’s something about a good bath that manages to make all of your troubles disappear. As much as I love a little radox and am partial to a bath bomb or two- nothing feels better than pouring in a product you know costs about a pound a drop.

Aromatherapy Associate’s Clear Mind bath and shower oil (£48) is one of these products. Housed -as always- in one of AA’s rectangular frosted glass bottles-clear mind, infused with chamomile and lavender, is instantly alleviating. It’s seriously so soothing that sometimes I just open it and give it a little sniff (perhaps I’ve revealed too much.)

Doubling up as a shower oil for those who don’t like baths – something I really didn’t know was a thing until the PR confessed that she hates them and instead applies a few small drops to her chest, a few minutes before showering. Whether you use it to centre yourself, sniff it, or just want to drench yourself in it and some bubbles- this is one of those products that’s worth every penny and makes you feel oh so worth it.

Vichy – Idealia Night Cream

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep
Vichy’s Aqua Thermal day cream was the first product that I’d tried from them- and whilst it was lightweight and smelt great, it didn’t exactly knock my socks off.

The Idealia night cream however is a different story. I hadn’t had the chance to try it until recently, as I’d reverted back to trilogy’s rosehip oil, which I tend to do whenever my skin is looking a little lacklustre, as it has a great habit of plumping my skin as I sleep.
Now it’s getting a little too chilly at night for just oils it seemed the perfect time to try Vichy’s Idealia Skin Sleep (now £18.55)

Something about the pastel pink cream feels instantly luxe. Specifically formulated for troubled sleepers or those without enough time in the day, Vichy’s Idealia aims to reduce the signs of fatigue and has been tested on young mums and air stewards to prove its worth. Unlike many of the heavyweight night creams it didn’t leave my skin feeling too caked, but was more like a soothing veil which gave my skin the end of the day moisture it’s always so in need of at this time of year.

What sets this night cream apart from the hordes out there, was my face the next morning. It didn’t feel dry or tight as it so often does and my complexion was distinctly clearer, much softer to the touch and had a clarity to it that I assume French girls wake to find every morning.

If you’ve always been in search of ‘I woke up like this skin’ you have to try this.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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