In search of the perfect jeans….GTL

I’ve always wanted a pair of great jeans. And on a recent late night shopping binge trawling sites for half price J Brands I realised I’m probably not the only one.

Finding the perfect jeans is not too dissimilar to finding the perfect partner in crime, you know they’re out there somewhere, but you have to trawl through a lot of  £40 Topshop denim to get there. Don’t get me wrong Topshop jeans have been my saviour for the past decade. Since I bought my first pair of stone washed flares with the words Sweetie embroidered on the back pocket in baby pink, I have been hooked on the quick fix, fits all denim that Topshop have most definitely mastered. The thing that finally made me leave my Jamies behind, was a black pair I bought, that within a month had turned grey and by month six, had elastic sprouting from the nether regions to resemble, for lack of a better word, tawny-hued pubes. Not ideal and most definitely not sweet!

Anyway it didn’t take me long to realise that the High-st really hasn’t got its jeans game locked down. New Look’s are cheap and cheerful, last a month or two, but for 20 quid what do you really expect? Urban Outfitters have Cheap Monday which first of all is cheating and secondly I don’t think a giant label at the back marking me out as cheap really works for an Emmanuelle Alt blouse and jeans combo. Zara’s are ok but only if you’re petite, or are going for a cropped look ( something I convinced myself I was bringing back when I was forced to buy the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, which sadly are mid calf, but hey if you wear anything with your head held high you can pull it off and I very much intend to).

The inspiration:

Anyway, I did finally find the perfect pair of High-St jeans, by new kids on the block Dr Denim. The brand has been on ASOS for a while but it was actually a sample sale I stumbled upon on in Dalston that finally convinced me to buy; for £10 a pop it was a no brainer. I absolutely adore their high waist styles and had to buy another pair at ASOS to counter the daily grind. I literally wear them every day, pretty gross. Anyway even though my love for them hasn’t waned, the crotch is starting to get a little saggy- and let’s be honest no lady wants anything sagging in that area. I was going to say a saggy flange but that is perhaps far too graphic and kind of sad because it’s probably the way things are heading. I assume? Men get saggy balls so I presume  this isn’t their comeuppance for not having to push out humans the size of melons. Who knows. Don’t want to think about it, so will refer to it as S.F from now on (although, perhaps SaFla is catchier?)

Anyway I’m going slightly off piste. The point is that, the magazines and models will have us believe that premium denim is the only real way to avoid S.F (/SaFla) 

Way back when, somewhere in between the the Fergie True Religion days, and Apple Bottom jeans (boots with the fur,) days; the craze for premium denim was born. Sometime after the double denim red carpet days, J Brand’s  Houlihans had us all shelling out to look like Elle McPherson, Jessica Alba and the other L.A hotties who  convinced us that if we spent that little bit more on our denim we could look like that too.

It turns it that this may well have been true. Ok so jeans can’t physically transform you into Jessica Alba, but the vast LA denim scene is proof enough that premium pays. According to one of my older, wiser and slightly wealthier pals, premium denim just lasts. It gets better with age and unlike High-St denim you don’t have to wash and tumble dry it at 50 degress to shrink it back into shape. You actually aren’t supposed to ever wash them- in order to achieve that lived in look. Apparently the more you wear them the better they fit. I’d never heard of anything so ludicrous and exciting, so I figured that the sale was as good a time as any to finally get some Frame jeans and channel my inner Karlie Kloss. So, I spent most of last night and this morning trawling the Internet for the perfect pair of premium jeans so you don’t have to.

Here’s to a life without SaFla; on the outside at least.

Get the Look:


M.i.h Jeans, Jeanne High-rise Boyfriend, £245, Matches Fashion

Saint Laurent Jeans

Saint Laurent, High-rise, £231, Net-a-Porter


Whistles, Light-wash Boyfriend Jean, £95, Whistles

Acne Flex

Acne, Flex Atlantis, £108, Acne

apc high rise skinny jeans

A.P.C, High-rise skinny jeans, £140, Matches

donna_ida_Ivy jeans

Ida, Ivy Jeans, £150, Donna Ida

Frame denim jeans

Frame, Le Skinny Distressed, £126, Net-a-Porter

Justine Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone, Justine Skinny, £175, Rag & Bone

Mih Tomboy skinnies

MiH Jeans, Tomboy Jeans, £90, ASOS

Jamila x

Winter sale 728x90


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