Testing the Treatment – The Bardou Blow-Dry

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Blow dry bars are no longer novel for Londoners so it takes a pretty special one to stand out from the crowd.

When I visited  Bardou they were still located at their High-St Kensington pop-up but have now settled in at a swanky central spot, in London’s Covent Garden– which is fast becoming the number one shopping spot for beauty in London.

I arrived at the spa, in which the Bardou pop-up was housed, on a typically rainy day. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to the hairdresser when it isn’t raining to be honest, but luckily -like any true Londoner, I was armed with a brolly, hat and scarf – just in case things got a bit windy.

Much of what I wrote about the salon’s interior is pretty redundant now that they have relocated to Covent Garden, but in both the pop-up and new salon, what’s remains the same, is that Bardou try not to make getting your hair blown out all about being a girly girl and ‘making a day of it’, which is quite refreshing.

Bardou is kind of the cool older cousin of the blow-dry bars that came before; it’s glossy, it cares about hair, but it’s slightly more chill.

Photo 07-12-2015, 18 18 38

What really sets Bardou apart from the many other hair salons vying for our attention – are the stylists. My stylist Victoria, was an absolute dude and instantly made me feel at ease

After a quick initial chat, in which I revealed I was off to meet Kelly Brook and in need of a red carpet worthy do, Victoria was on the case sharpish. To wash, Victoria used a mixture of Mizani products and a selection of their in-house range. The Silk Conditioner smelt divine and left my hair feeling seriously soft; it was so good, that I was perhaps a little too quick in accepting the offer to take a bottle home. 

Back in my seat, after a relaxing head massage, I felt comfortable enough to tell Vic that I wanted to try something new- (sometimes you really want to try something new but you just know that something will go wrong, so you just sit and watch yourself have the same hairstyle over and over again, just to be on the safe side)

I literally had nothing in mind but all I knew was that I was sick of my sidey. To get me in the mood Vic offered me some champs and mags to while away the afternoon; there really is nothing better than sipping on champagne whilst you get your hair done. As I flicked through Vogue I came across the sweep back that I’ve often lauded on Blush and have been meaning to try out on the town.

So I pointed to it and within twenty minutes Vic made it happen, with only the help of a few pins and some spray.

Everything from the glitzy but pared-back decor, to the awesome mirror set-up which reminded me of being backstage at fashion week, made Bardou a place I’d definitely want to go back to; somehow managing to get the balance between blow-dry bar and salon perfectly right.

Photo 07-12-2015, 18 11 30

I know I say this a lot -and to be honest in every case it is true- but, I was so happy with the results. 

I’m not sure whether it was the fact that I’d tried something new and it had actually worked, or perhaps the thrill of afternoon champagne, magazines and new hair was all too much fun to handle, but I left with a spring in my step, as I wandered off down High-St Ken to meet Kelly, stroking my dangerously soft hair.

Jamila x

Bardou, Signature Blow-Dry from £35.

Bardou @ Library Covent Garden,
London, WC2H 9HZ


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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