Testing the Treatment – Jo Hansford Salon – Mayfair, London

I have a deep rooted love for Mayfair, partly because I have a penchant for the finer things in life and unlike Bond Street, Mayfair proper (anywhere between Dover St and Park Lane) somehow manages to remain an oasis of calm amidst the mayhem of central London.

South Audley St, is one of my faves partly because I used to work there, but it’s also home to Scott’s (the restaurant where Charles Saatchi famously throttled Nigella- who just so happens to be a client), Balmain and the Marc by Marc Jacobs store which I physically can not walk past. (God knows what will happen now the label’s closing- all I know is I will be at that closing down sale!)

South Audley Street also happens to be home to hairstylist to the stars and Duchess of Cornwall, Jo Hansford’s, eponymous salon. 

A salon that fits in so well that I walked past it twice. Inside, Jo Hansford is a lady of leisure’s dream. Plush neutral furnishings, hundreds of magazines and a menu ranging from sandwiches to champs, so you can while the afternoon away in style. The ladies at reception are also the friendliest I’ve been greeted by.

After a short wait in the lobby I was introduced to my stylist, who checked my coat into the cloakroom (very fancy!) and gave me an obscenely soft gown to wear. She led me through the salon which is surprisingly huge, past the many well to do ladies getting their highlights topped up whilst loling it up with the stylists. The vibe was fantastic and seemed like somewhere these ladies had been coming for years; which is always a sign that you’re in a great salon.

At the wash station, whilst sitting in some seriously comfy chairs, I was asked whether I wanted my feet up, how many shampoos I’d prefer and whether I would like a head massage (not sure who would say no that one!) 

After a quick shampoo, double condition and head massage I was seated and got stuck into Vogue.

Being the wild child that I am, I decided to go curly to change things up. I know, I really am living life on the edge! My stylist blow dried my hair in lightning speed, before curling it with straightening irons, section by section. I was in and out within 1hr 30 which was seriously speedy, considering the magnitude of my mane and is probably why so many power women frequent the salon. 

I left feeling like a true Mayfair-ite and within three minutes of leaving the salon, was declared an American supermodel by two (potentially tipsy) passers by. If that’s not a sign of a great do, I’m not sure what is.

Jamila x

Blow Dry from £35

Jo Hansford

48 South Audley Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 2QB 



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