Get the Look – Textured Waves

With the launch of the Blush London app, Slapp. only seven months away, I’ve definitely bitten off a lot; so I’ve enlisted the help of some great girls with an equally unhealthy obsession with all things fashion and beauty to help me out. First up this week, how to get that sexy bedhead look just in time for Valentine’s Day; even if you’re not getting lucky.

Nothing says 90’s grunge like textured waves. The era that gave birth to bedhead, has surprisingly had as big an impact on hair, as it did fashion and music. Way back when ‘I woke up like this’ didn’t mean Beyonce flawlessness, more soap’s not cool, this now timeless look, still has many a celebrity fan.

Seen recently on the likes of Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lily Collins and Kate Moss it’s a look that’s rarely out of style. Perhaps the lack of effort it needs, is why us Brits love it, because all you need are a pair of straighteners, a little mousse and some dry shampoo.

The Inspiration:

Get the Look:

First, apply a small amount of Redken Full Effects Mousse 04 (£12.75) to damp hair, comb into a centre parting and blast dry.

When the hair is completely dry spray Redken Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo (£10.80) directly to the roots. Section your hair into two parts as if tying half your hair up.

Taking a medium sized piece of hair, pull it out horizontally and place the GHD Platinum Styler (£165) vertically. Turn the styler 180° away from your face slide it along the hair for 1 cm then turn 180° the other way and slide 1 cm keep doing this until you get to the ends.

Work your way round to the centre point at the back then go onto the other side and repeat always turning the styler away from your face. Let the top section down and repeat this technique again on each piece of hair.

texture dust loreal

Brush the waves out with a vent brush to prevent static, sprinkle on L’oreal Techni Art Texture Dust (£14.29) and rub through the hair. For that extra professional finish take a section of hair 1 inch deep either side of your parting and with the GHD styler smooth, straight down turning the ends under then push back with fingers.

Blush Team x

Bobbi Brown UK


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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