Introducing… Babylips Lip Gloss

Introducing is back, due to insanely popular demand. Taking the reigns is the lovely Annie, introducing cult favourite, Baby Lips.

In spite of having one of the creepiest names on the market, I have always held a strong affection for the Maybelline Baby Lips franchise. The products really symbolise the light-hearted fun of makeup, and disliking them feels like disliking a well-meaning, overenthusiastic puppy: joyless.

New to the Baby Lips family are the moisturizing lip glosses, and because I aim to retain my childish sensibilities in all capacities, I really like them.

They come in three finishes: the shimmers, the creams and the jellies. From my extensive online research* (*Googling swatches) I gather that the colour payoff is fairly minimal, so within each finish you can pretty much pick whichever packaging appeals most to you. And how could this packaging not appeal to you? It’s just the right balance between garish and adorable.

I’ve got Life’s a Peach and Pink-a-Boo, both of which offer a creamy wash of pale pink and a really pretty shine. These glosses are very lightweight, definitely not sticky and pretty moisturising.

babylips maybelline review gloss.jpg

Yes, the packaging, the product, even the name (I mean, really, baby lips?) err on the side of immature, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Too much of makeup is all so serious and sometimes a pink, fruity lip-gloss in a colourful plastic tube is the perfect antidote. For a new product, it offers me an inexplicable yet distinct sense of nostalgia for the makeup of my youth, back when the real selling points were punny names and eye-catching glitter. And I think there’s something valuable in that.

On top of all this, what these glosses claim to do, they do – and very well. A non-sticky, actually moisturising gloss in a bunch of appealing colours with nice packaging and a functional applicator for under five pounds is not to be sniffed at. In fact, I think you’d be hard pushed to find a better balm-gloss formula even in the upper echelons of the makeup world. So don’t think I’ve let my mysterious affection for the Baby Lips group sway me too much here. These products actually stand up under scrutiny as a small but significant pleasure in life. And what other fruity scented pink goo can say that?

Annie x

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