Introducing – Ted Baker Sugar Sweet Skincare

Skincare isn’t the first thing that springs to mind, when one hears the name Ted Baker, Blush contributor Annie, puts their new bath and body range to the test.

Ted Baker have really encapsulated Spring, the Ides of March and little lambs prancing about with this new launch.

The packaging is the most spring-like thing I can possibly envision – a pastel, floral and rose gold dream. There are two scent families – one in mint green packaging, the other in baby pink. Whilst there are obvious differences between them, they broadly fit into the same category, one I call “nice girl you meet in the toilets on a night out.” And don’t let the “toilets” part of that sentiment confuse you: they smell very nice, sweet, girly and like they only want to ameliorate your life.

I sampled three pieces in the collection: the Pink hand cream, Pink lip balm and Mint body lotion and they’re all pretty nice.


The hand cream comes in a hand-y (haha) squeeze tube; although you get such a load of product that this is probably not the best choice for carrying about with you. Nonetheless if you do so desire, it’ll work well for the on-the-go purpose too. It sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave a problematic sticky film which makes it difficult to work doorknobs or open screw tops. What it does leave behind are really nice smelling hands, which is a weird but pleasant feature, I reckon.


ted baker skincare blush london beauty

The body lotion comes in packaging I can really appreciate. Pumps are, as we must have all reached a consensus on by now, the best way for products to be dispensed. Plus, the bottle of this looks like the plastic gemstone of a ring from your childhood. Inside is a fast-absorbing and nicely moisturising cream, which leaves skin looking satisfiably radiant post application.

The lip balm smells slightly less floral than the other products in the line, which, for something inevitably going a bit inside your mouth, is a good thing. It’s fairly thick and long lasting and leaves lips looking shiny and supple. In my opinion it kind of smells like chocolate, but don’t take my word on that. I wear lip balm pretty much all day long, and I can vouch that this one is a winner.

This is a collection which combines two of my top faves: things that smell good and extremely moisturised skin. The bonus here is packaging, which reminds you that one day it won’t be grey and cold outside, which is a Nice Thing. If you’re looking for innovation and discovery, look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for Nice Things, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better collection.

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