Blush Tests: Tinted Moisturisers, BB and CC Creams from the US

As a big fan of a light “base” and an even bigger fan of a marketing ploy, my recent trip to America warranted my stockpiling of various tinted moisturisers, BB and CC creams. While these are US brands, they are available to track down via our good friend the internet, and if you’re into this type of thing, I reckon you should. I’ll be the first to admit there’s a time and a place for a full whack foundation, but I often find heavily cakey, covered up skin, to be more offensive than whatever one is attempting to hide. A lightweight tint, alongside some moisture and spf, is perfect for me as I continue my quest to to be the effortlessly cool, low maintenance, model-off-duty that I’m absolutely not.

Bare Minerals complexion rescue tint

Sticking to light-base conventions, the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream (exhale) is a really nice tinted moisturiser, basically. It feels lightweight but offers buildable coverage and SPF 30. My skin is what I would broadly term as “normal,” but a better description would be “veering wildly between oily and dry seemingly at its own whim.” This smooths on with fingers and seems to work out pretty well at either end of the spectrum.

LA Girl Pro BB Cream

Next up is the LA Girl HD Pro BB Cream (so many letters). This offers the lowest coverage of the bunch, and has a distinct lack of the SPF I thought essential to its BB credentials. What this does do is really perfects skin without looking like there is anything covering it. It is fake “no-makeup good skin.” Discolouration is evened, pores are filled in, everything looks glowier. I’m a real fan of the shiny, dewy, even greasy-faced look, but if you’re oily and you don’t want to shine like a diamond then you’ll need to powder. If your skin is dry though, you’ll probably really love this. Oh, and it’s £4.99, about a fifth of the price of the others.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

One step up in the alphabet stakes is the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. The coverage is high and can be built up without looking cakey. It’s SPF 50, hello. It smells like cleaning products in a pleasant, citrine way. It looks natural on the skin in spite of the full coverage. It wears nicely. This is the most expensive and the one that is the biggest pain to get in the UK (Beautylish, heads up). But if you like good coverage and skincare benefits or simply enjoy the thrill of the chase, this is bloody lovely.

While the actual differences between Tinted Moisturiser, BB, CC and beyond can cause exasperation, I say: don’t worry about it. Take these products as much of a muchness, something to make skin look better today and hopefully keep it looking better in the future. And what’s not to like about that?


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